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Easter Gift Ideas for Under $10.00: Budget Friendly Ways to Fill Easter Baskets

Easter is a special holiday for children and adults alike, who often start the day by attending church services and later enjoying an Easter dinner with loved ones. Children wake up early in anticipation of what the Easter bunny put in their Easter baskets and perhaps have a fun Easter egg hunt.

Easter baskets are often filled with chocolate bunnies, foil wrapped chocolate eggs and jelly beans, which in moderation is okay; however, many children tend to indulge more than they should. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable, non-edible Easter gifts that can be added to baskets so that Easter candy can be kept at a minimum. Here are some affordable Easter gift ideas for boys and girls that can be purchased for $10 or less.

Easter Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls

A simple deck of cards or card games such as Uno, Blink and Crazy Eights for school age children and Old Maid and Go Fish for preschoolers are always a hit. Many card games can be purchased for $5.00 or less.

Boys and girls also love those plastic Easter eggs that make their way into many Easter baskets every year; and they can be filled with other items besides candy. Tuck a few quarters, a dollar bill or $1.00 gold coins (available in banks and other financial institutions). Just be sure to save the plastic eggs and the coins for the older children since both can be a choking hazard for little ones.

Books and DVDs are always popular and make great Easter gifts. Classic movies put on DVD are often much cheaper than new releases. Books are always a good choice for kids at Easter or any time of year.

Beanie babies are also very popular with children. They may not be the hot collectible that both children and adults obsessed over in the 90’s but they do make a great addition to a child’s Easter basket. The same goes for Webkinz, which may cost a little more but children love them.

Easter Gift Ideas Just for Boys

Most boys love Hot Wheels and Match Box cars and these inexpensive toys can be purchased for around $1.00 a each. Trains are also a big hit, especially small wooden ones. Yoyos, trading cards and action figures are also quite popular.

Easter Gift Ideas Just for Girls

Costume jewelry, barbies and craft items are often popular with little girls. Keepsake jewelry is also nice, such as a piece of sterling silver jewelry purchased on sale.

Easter Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Books also make great Easter gifts for babies and toddlers; especially since it is never too early to introduce reading to a child. A nice book and an age appropriate toy is plenty for little ones who aren’t quite ready for candy.

Easter Gift Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Many of the items for young boys and girls can also be purchased for tweens and teens as well such as card games and books. For older kids who tend to be hard to buy for, break the Easter basket tradition and opt to give a card card instead.

Whether shopping for babies, tots, young children, tweens or teens, it is possible to be both frugal and creative when shopping for Easter and other holidays and celebrations.

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