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Easter Gifts Out of the Ordinary: Making Easter Eggs Egg-stra Special

Hotel Chocolat has come up with a fun spin on Easter eggs, bt uone that should not detract from the serious quality of the chocolate. Their Easter Egg Sandwiches are an affordable luxury for the kids, while the Scrambled Egg range comes with an artistic design of colour splattered across milk, dark, white or caramel chocolate. Beware also the gigantic delight of the Ostrich Egg which weighs in at over one kilo and contains enough goodies to be the Queen of the range.

Fun and Non-Edible Children’s Easter Gifts

There are plenty of sites out there that bring enough stylish ideas under one roof to make shopping a much more relaxed and thoughful process in buying a customised Easter present. If there are concerned parents who wish their offspring did not gorge on too many bunny chocolates, then why not try an Easter rabbit with a difference or a colour changing egg which is more playful than edible.

Gifts and Gadgets For Easter

It doesn’t always have to be about the chocolate of course. The rise in weird, wacky and bizarre gift ideas and gadgets mean that it is likely that Mum, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma might receive something that is more Eureka than Easter. In this respect, the traditional and rather staid rubber duck has now become a remote controlled quacker that speeds up and down baths to make a soak an enjoyable Easter cruise. Then there is the hatchable chicken, which can be wound up and watched, as it then splits from the egg, with the added bonus of no chocolate mess, and waddles off into the distance.

Public Egg Hunts and Outdoor Activity For Easter

Staying on the energetic theme, public egg hunts have always been a fun way of spending the day or run-up to Easter. Given the millions of dollars spent indulging stomachs with cocoa, then what better way to work it off when there is not the excuse of inclement Christmas weather. With a little bit of imagination, families can spend the day together planning around the theme of the day with an egg and spoon race to cap it all off.

As the celebration of Easter continues to make us think more commercially than cerebrally, it may be worth bearing in mind that it is better to understand the value of an Easter present rather than the expense of it. Sometimes life is too important to be taken serioulsy. Go that extra step this Easter and think outside of the traditional chocolate box.

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