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Easy Christmas Craft Projects for Kids

Published by Margery Lago

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Christmas is a time for togetherness. What better way to spend time together and occupy that boundless youthful energy than making wonderful Christmas crafts? Crafts are a great way to create beautiful homemade gifts and decorations.

For these Christmas projects, the supplies are relatively inexpensive and many of them can be found around the house during the holiday season. Classic picture frames, cute reindeer, hand wreaths and decorative balls are all simple, fun Christmas crafts that families can do together. Have fun adding personal touches to each of these craft ideas.

Candy Cane Rudolph Christmas Craft

This is a cute way to turn a regular old candy cane into a cute Christmas time favorite!

Craft Supplies

  • candy cane
  • white glue
  • 1 small, Red pompom
  • 1 Brown pipe cleaner
  • self-stick goggle eyes

Project Directions

  1. Keep the candy cane in the original wrapping. Attach the red pompom with a dot of glue on the curved end of the cane.
  2. Place the brown pipe cleaner under the curve of the candy cane and fold up. Twist the two sides around each other twice to create the antlers.
  3. Fold and shape the antlers to achieve a more realistic look.
  4. Remove the backing on the goggle eyes and attach under the antlers. Add Rudolph to the tree for a cute, edible decoration

Traditional Holiday Picture Frames for a Homemade Christmas Gift

This simple picture frame crafy make great decorations to personalize any tree. They also make a wonderful gift for family and friends.

Craft Supplies: one of the following for each person

  • large popsicle sticks – 8 per frame
  • wood glue
  • ribbon
  • glitter
  • holiday stickers
  • kid safe paint (washable acrylic paint works best)
  • gavorite holiday photo
  • poster board (any color)
  • scissors
  • pencil

Project Directions

  1. Each frame consists of four sides with two popsicle sticks per side. Lay the two sticks side by side and run a line of wood glue down the crease of the two sticks. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  2. Create a standard square out of the four sides and overlap each corner. Apply the glue to the corners and allow to dry for at least an hour.
  3. Trace the outside of the completed frame onto the poster board and cut it out. This is the backing for the frame. The back will not be added until the picture has been inserted. If this is a gift, glue the poster board square onto the picture frame at the bottom and two sides. The top will be left open to insert a photograph.
  4. Now decorate the picture frame with any or all of the supplies from above. Once the picture frame is completely decorated and dry, add a recent picture. Attach the backing on all four sides and add the date on the poster board.
  5. Cut a small piece of ribbon. Add a dab of glue to each end of the ribbon and attach it to the top of the frame, forming a loop. Make sure you glue it to the back of the frame to keep the ends hidden. Once this has dried, add it to the tree. Creating this craft each Christmas is a wonderful way to remember how the children grew year after year.

Hand Wreath Christmas Project for Kids

This is a very cute craft made from kid’s hands. It will last year after year; long after their hands have grown large.

Craft Supplies

  • green poster board (1/2 sheet for each child)
  • red finger paint
  • scissors
  • white glue
  • ribbon
  • pencil

Project Directions

  1. Using the pencil, have each child trace their hands onto the poster board. For smaller children, parents should trace their hands.
  2. If creating a small wreath, 6-8 traced hands are needed. For larger wreaths, 12-14 hands are ideal. Tracing this many hands may be time consuming and smaller children may have a harder time sitting still. To make things easier, trace one hand and cut it out. Use this hand to create the other copies.
  3. Start building the wreaths by placing the cut out hands palm to fingers in a circular shape. The top should be finger to finger while the bottom is palm to palm.
  4. Any left over hands can overlay the hands of the wreath to create a thicker wreath. Glue each hand in place. Allow to dry for thirty minutes.
  5. Using the red finger paint, each child can add holly berries to their wreath by painting their thumbs red and pressing down on the wreath.
  6. Make a bow out of the red ribbon and attach it to the bottom of the wreath. Then make a loop with a smaller strand of ribbon and glue the ends to the top of the wreath. Make sure the ends are glued to the back of the wreath.
  7. Add the name and date to each wreath for future reference. Once the wreath is completely dry, it is ready to hang. The sight of those little hands will always be available with this holiday decoration.
  8. An alternative to multiple smaller wreaths, a large multi-shaped wreath, can created. To do this, follow the same method but combine several hands from each child into one large wreath.

Another fun idea is to decorate the plain plastic or glass balls that are used to on almost every Christmas tree. Painting holiday characters, objects and scenes or covering it with glitter or holiday stickers are great ways to make these. For infants and toddlers, painting their hands or feet with finger paint and pressing these against a large ball is a great way to create lasting memories of their little hands or feet. Gluing on a small photo and adding their name and the date is another way to making original Christmas decorations.

Kids of all ages will love creating all of these beautiful Christmas crafts! The craft supplies are cheap and available in many department and craft stores. The memories of the time spent together will last a lifetime, not to mention that many of these holiday craft projects are personalized with things that will change over the years. So make it a holiday tradition each year to make homemade Christmas decorations and gifts together!

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