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Easy Christmas Crafts for Kids

Published by Hedwig Bockskopf

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The Christmas season is full of opportunities to spend time with family. From Christmas parties to holiday preparations and more, Christmas is a family-oriented time of year. If you want to make the most of the holiday season this year, spend time with your kids by engaging in some Christmas craft activities. Kids of all ages love crafts, and by participating in creative activities with your kids you are not only helping them to develop their creativity but you are all going to have a good time. The following Christmas craft ideas are great for kids and families – they are very easy to do and are a lot of fun!

Coffee Filter Angel

For this craft all you will need is three white coffee filters, two cotton balls, some white and gold pipe cleaners, scissors, and ribbon. To make your angel’s head, place 2 cotton balls in the center of one coffee filter then gather the filter around it. Place a second coffee filter into the opening beneath the cotton balls, tucking it in so that it creates a layered effect for the angel’s dress. Next, using the ribbon, tie off the coffee filters at the angel’s neck (below the cotton balls) and leave some extra ribbon to tie in a loop to hang your angel by.

Next, fold the third coffee filter accordion-style and tie it off in the center using ribbon or pipe cleaner then fan it out, creating the angel’s wings. Either tie or glue the wings to the angel’s back. Finally, using the pipe cleaner, create your angel’s halo by wrapping a length of pipe cleaner around something round to form the circle of the halo, then trim the end, leaving it just long enough to glue to the back of your angel.

Recycled CD Snowman

To make this snowman craft all you need is an unused CD, a juice can lid, colored pipe cleaners, two googly eyes, white paint, glue and scissors. To prepare, paint or spray paint your CD and juice can lid white and let them both dry completely. Then, create your snowman’s face by gluing the googly eyes to the juice can lid and by drawing a mouth using the permanent marker.

You can create a nose using either a small piece of orange craft foam or by folding over a small length of orange pipe cleaner. Next, glue your snowman’s head to the top of the CD, which will become your snowman’s body. Using pipe cleaners, you are now ready to make your snowman’s arms. Take a brown pipe cleaner and cut it into four equal pieces then wrap one of the pieces around another to create a stick arm – repeat for the second arm, then glue the arms to the snowman’s shoulders.

If you want to add a few extra touches to your snowman you can glue buttons down the front or wrap a piece of fabric around the neck for a scarf. You can even create ear muffs by gluing a colored pipe cleaner around the edge of the juice can lid and attaching a colored pom pom to each end of it.

Christmas Gift Bag for Baked Goods

Homemade cookies and other baked goods are a great holiday gift for friends and teachers. To make these gifts even more special, have your child make personalized Christmas gift bags to put the cookies in! All you need is a paper lunch sack, a few foam stamps (shapes like stars and circles), acrylic paint, ribbon, glitter, and glitter glue.

Folding the lunch sack so that it lies flat, allow your child to decorate the outside of the bag using the foam stamps and paint. Help your child to use a variety of colors and shapes (great colors to use for Christmas are red, green, and white). Once the paint has dried you can use glitter and glitter glue to add a shimmer to some of the shapes and to personalize the gift bag – make sure to include “To” and “From” information. To finish off your Christmas cookie gift bag, poke a hole in the top of the bag and string a length of ribbon through it long enough that you can tie a bow. Then all you need to do is fill your bags with cookies and give them to your loved ones!

These Christmas craft ideas are great for kids Christmas parties and can also be used as a family activity. The holiday season is a time during which it is important to spend time with family and engaging in craft projects is a great way to do so. If you want to make the most of the holiday season this year, make the effort to spend some quality time with your children by doing things like easy Christmas crafts!

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