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Easy Christmas Crafts: Quilted Wooden Heart Ornament

Published by Gavin Levings

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Quilted From the Heart Ornament Supplies:

  • Darice® wooden cutout heart
  • 4” cardboard
  • 4” fabric
  • 4” Warm & Natural® low-loft batting
  • 4” backing fabric
  • Provo Craft® 5/16” rub-on transfer letters
  • Mod Podge® matte sealer
  • Sponge brush
  • Sobo® glue
  • Quilting thread
  • Needle

Lettering the Wooden Heart Christmas Ornament

  1. Follow rub-on transfer instructions for applying Quilted from the Heart lettering to the front of the Darice® wooden heart.
  2. Seal the front of and sides of the Darice® wooden heart with Mod Podge® using a felt brush and set it aside to dry.

Quilted Heart Ornament Insert

  1. Fabrics with pre-printed, faux stitch lines or black outlines work particularly well as they are easy to quilt.
  2. If the ornament is for Christmas, use holiday fabric. If you are making the heart ornament as a gift tag for a quilted item, use a fabric scrap from the gift. Otherwise, any fabric will work.
  3. Layer the fabric on the Warm & Natural® batting with the right side up and quilt as desired.
  4. Although you could quilt this on the sewing machine, it is so small that it doesn’t take long and is really easy to quilt it by hand – just follow the lines.
  5. Place the Darice® wooden heart lettering side down on the cardboard. Trace inside the heart cutout to make a backing with which to insert the quilted fabric inside the wooden heart. Cut out the cardboard heart insert on the line.
  6. On the wrong side of the backing fabric, trace a heart slightly larger than the cardboard insert you just cutout. This will be used to cover the back of the ornament.

Finishing the Christmas Ornament

  1. Run a bead of Sobo® glue around the inside of the Darice® wooden heart at approximately mid-thickness.
  2. Lay the quilted fabric right side down and place the cardboard heart cutout in the center. Lay a bead of Sobo® glue around the edge of the cardboard heart so that it will adhere to the batting after insertion.
  3. With the Darice® wooden heart and quilted fabric right side up, press the quilted fabric and cardboard backing up inside the wooden heart from the back, smoothing out the fabric to make it snug. Press the cardboard and quilted insert up so that it is flush with the top of the wooden heart. The wooden heart will act as a hoop to the quilted fabric and cardboard backing.
  4. Lay the Darice® wooden heart letter side down and clip excess fabric from the inside back. Put a bead of Sobo® glue around the wrong side of the backing heart and finger press it to the back of the wooden heart.
  5. Let the ornament dry overnight.

Quick and Easy Quilted Christmas Ornaments or Gift Tags

Whether you use these wooden heart quilted ornaments for Christmas or as gift tags for quilted gifts, they are fun, quick, and easy to make and can be customized simply by changing the type of fabric used.

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