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Easy Christmas Ornament Ideas: Trim the Tree with These Fun Holiday Ornaments

Published by Susy Fleeman

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Simple and Easy Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are one of the best parts of Christmas. Many families have treasured and cherished ornaments that have been passed down from one generation to the next. And almost everyone who has children has those handmade ornaments tucked away in an ornament box. Often tattered and a little worse for wear if the kids are grown now, nevertheless they bring memories of Christmases past to mind each year they are hung in place.

Here are some ideas for some quick and easy to make Christmas tree ornaments to make with your kids. Creating memories is what Christmas is all about and there is no better way than making ornaments for your tree.

Photo Ornaments

There are several ways to make photograph ornaments to hang on the tree. Juice can lids, old CDs and almost any flat round item provide a perfect background for photographs. Decorate the back of the item with felt, construction paper, or Christmas wrap and then cut the photo to fit the front. Add a string to hang, some ribbon and glitter and VIOLA! – a work of art that also captures a moment in time.

Recycled Ornaments

Old CD’s make great ornaments, as do other recyclables. Cover the back of an old CD with felt or fun foam. Glue a string for hanging in between the felt and the back of the CD. Be sure and use tacky craft glue. Decorate the shiny side of the CD any way you like. Paint a holiday scene or draw one with permanent markers. Draw holly leaves and candy canes and fill in the spaces with glitter. Glue a big bow in the middle of the CD and add gold beads, ribbons and tinsel.

Fun Foam Shapes

You can purchase pre-cut fun foam shapes at any craft or retail store. Use these to create a variety of designs and simply push an ornament hook through the top to hang or glue on colorful ribbon for a hanger. If you can’t find the pre-cut shapes you can purchase sheets of fun foam and cut out your own.

Ready to Go Ornament Kits

If you’re not the crafty type or are short on time, consider the prepackaged ornament kits, again available in craft and most retail stores. These have everything you need, except maybe the glue, and are perfect for groups of kids. They usually come in packages of more than one which makes the kits cost efficient as well.

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