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Easy Christmas Ornaments Crafts for Kids: Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments for Children to Make

Published by Natividad Zogopoulos

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Handmade ornaments not only make great gifts for kids to give, but are a wonderful way for them to help decorate the tree. Here are some easy ideas for some fun and festive Christmas tree ornaments crafts.

Photo Christmas Ornaments

Take a small photo frame from the dollar store and have the kids paint it white. While the paint is drying, have them lightly sprinkle silver glitter over the wet paint so it will stick. Then have the kids take a etched glass solution (available at any craft store) and with a small brush just go around the outside edge of the frame’s glass so it looks like a frosted window. Leave enough clear glass in the middle so a photo can still be seen. Attach a ribbon to hang.

Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Have kids string red and white beads in any order they wish onto a piece of jewelry wire or a pipe cleaner. Fold over both ends of the wire so the beads stay on. Once finished, they can bend it into a candy cane shape.

Bell Ornaments

Take an inexpensive tin bell ornament and use glitter in various ways to embellish it. If the bell is gold, ask the kids to paint a rim of gold or bronze glitter around just the bottom edge of the bell. Alternatively, take different sizes of circle stickers that can easily peel off and have the kids stick them all over a silver bell. Spray the bell with a blue glitter spray and when dry, peel away the circle stickers so the final product is a sparkle blue bell with matte silver polka dots.

Santa Christmas Ornaments

Kids can turn a plain white Christmas ornament into a Santa head by painting on eyes, nose and cheeks. Then they can glue on cotton for his beard and use red felt to make his hat.


Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Using a plain Christmas ornament, get the kids to either write their name on it with a sparkle glue pen or use letter stickers such as the Making Memories Glitter Bling Collection of Jeweled Alphabet stickers.

Word Ornaments

Find small wooden letters at a craft or dollar store and have the kids paint them in a variety of Christmas colors. Then have them glue the letters together to form holiday words such as Peace, Love, Joy, Merry Christmas or Christmas. The letters can be various sizes to make it more interesting. A wood glue would work better than a plain white glue, so have the kids wear gloves when applying. Insert a small eye hook in the top and attach a ribbon to hang.

Homemade Christmas ornaments are easy by simply embellishing plain ornaments or creating new ones from beads, wooden letters and mini photo frames. See all of Gail’s Christmas & Holiday articles.

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