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Easy Halloween Raggedy Ghosts: Decorations for an Indoor or Outdoor Halloween Scene

Published by Elmira Arendsee

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A spooky Halloween ghost in raggedy white robes is perfect for greeting guests as it sways from the porch rafters or the site of a Halloween party. Create one using the easy concept below, a few simple craft supplies, and a few minutes of time to assemble a raggedy cheesecloth ghost.

The pattern is easily adapted to make ghosts of all sizes by simply adjusting the amount of fabric and the size of the material used to create the ghost’s head.

Materials Needed for a Raggedy Ghost:

  • two yards of white cheesecloth
  • one large Styrofoam ball (about three inches in diameter)
  • craft wire, wire cutters
  • glue
  • white thread
  • black marker

Making the Ghost

Cut two long strips of craft wire and curl each at the opposite end; dip the sharpened ends in glue, then stick into the base of the Styrofoam ball. Let dry before draping the cheesecloth evenly over the Styrofoam ball and tie at the top with thread. The cheesecloth should be long enough to cover the ghosts’s frame and dangle below in fraying, raggedy ends.

Pose the wires so each rod sticks out in the opposite direction, forming the ghost’s outstretched arms. The raggedy cheesecloth should hang over the wire like sleeves draped over arms, hiding any protruding wire ends. Use the needle and thread to gather or tuck the fabric in order to highlight the ghost’s shape, if necessary.

Add Creative Touches

Carefully draw a spooky face using a black magic marker, then sew a loop of thread at the top of the cheesecloth head to hang the ghost on display. To “antique” the fabric for a grungy ghost, trying soaking the cloth in a cup of strong tea and letting it dry before draping it over the Styrofoam and wire frame.

Other methods of antiquing your ghost include mixing a half-teaspoon of black paint with a cup of water to form a “mildew” solution which can be sprinkled over your fabric; or brushing dried cinnamon over the fabric to create a dust-stained ghost.

Adapting the Pattern

To make a larger version of the raggedy ghost, substitute a large wad of pillow stuffing for the Styrofoam ball head. An inflated white balloon will also work, although it will only last for a few days at most. Unravel and bend a wire coat hanger to create longer arms.

Support the heavier wire arms with fishing line threaded beneath the cheesecloth covering the ghost’s head. Tie the fishing line ends around a plastic hook or fabric loop sewn to the top of the head.

Chains of smaller raggedy ghosts linked together can be used for a Halloween garlands or mobiles, or as ornaments decorating a holiday tree. They also make cute party favors for guests at a Halloween party.

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