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Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas: Quick and Simple Costumes For Halloween

Published by Merrill Wolfenbarger

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Not planning on celebrating Halloween and suddenly a last minute costume is needed? Finding a last minute Halloween costume can be as easy as opening up the closet door. Here are some simple, last minute costume ideas that can be put together easily.

Last Minute Halloween Costumes Made From Sheets

Have a white sheet? Throw it over the head, cut out some eyes and an instant ghost costume is born. Looking for something a little sexier? Drape the sheet like a toga. For guys, turn the sheet into a big diaper. Grab a bottle or rattle and a baby costume is complete.

If there’s a black sheet hanging around the house, use it to make a cape. Put on dark clothes and become a vampire. A black sheet can also be used to create a Grim Reaper costume. Get some cardboard and cut out a scythe to complete the outfit. A red sheet can also be used as a cape. Grab a basket to become Little Red Riding Hood.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas For Men

Got a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt? Put them on, slick back the hair and become a 50s greaser. If owning a black suit and tie, throw it on with a pair of dark glasses and become a Man in Black. Use an old pair of jeans and shirt to create a hobo costume. Place some patches on the jeans, then grab a stick with a stuffed bandana on the end to carry.

Play golf? Simply put on a golf outfit and go as a golfer. If owning a sports shirt, wear it with a cap to be a sports fan. Have access to a woman’s robe? Put it in along with a shower cap. Grab a rolling pin and become a grumpy housewife.

Last Minute Costume Ideas For Women

Put on some flannel pajamas, toss the hair into pigtails, grab a stuffed animal and go as a slumber party girl. Anything in the closet that can be used to make a retro outfit? Perhaps a wild rocker chick? To become a mime, dress in black pants and shirt, put on white face make up and use eye liner around the eyes.

If by chance a tennis player, merely put on a tennis outfit, grab a racquet and an instant costume is created! A trench coat, dark glasses, and a pair of pants can be worn to create a spy costume. Put on some brightly colored, mismatched pants and shirt, make the hair super messy and add make up to become a clown.

The important thing to remember is that many simple things can be turned into costumes. For example, if wearing a cape is desired, but there’s nothing around the house to make one, consider creating one using black trash bags. Looking for a couple’s idea? How about dressing in each others clothes and going as each other? Odds are you have everything needed to create a last minute Halloween costume.

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