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Easy No Bake Christmas Cookie Recipe: Delicious Holiday Treat that Kids Can Help Make

Published by Loura Hinz

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Christmas is the perfect time for homemade holiday cookies. However, rolling pins, cookie cutters, and oven mitts are not necessarily required. Try putting together these delicious Reindeer’s Antlers for any special party or gathering. This “cooking” activity is also a simple way to entertain the children on a snowy afternoon in December.

Reindeer’s Antlers

Sweet and salty, crunchy and creamy, these delectable cookies resemble the antlers of the beloved winter reindeer and are perfect for the Christmas season. The best part of the recipe is that only four ingredients are needed!

Ingredients for Reindeer’s Antler Cookies

  • 1-12 oz package of dark chocolate chips, or equivalent amount quality candy bar broken into pieces
  • ½ teaspoon instant coffee/espresso powder
  • 3 oz thin broken pretzel sticks
  • Red candy-coated chocolate (M&Ms work well)

Directions for Reindeer’s Antler Cookies

  1. Melt the chocolate over low heat in a heat-resistant bowl placed over a medium saucepan filled half way with water. Use a double boiler if available.
  2. Be careful not to boil the water, because the chocolate may seize up and become grainy.
  3. Add the coffee powder during melting process.
  4. Stir frequently until well blended, smooth, and shiny.
  5. Remove the bowl from the heat and stir in the pretzels.
  6. Place about 1 tablespoon of mixture onto parchment paper-lined cookie sheet.
  7. Shape with fingers or spoons into antlers (V-shape).
  8. Before antlers are completely dry, press a red candy gently in the center for the nose.
  9. Continue shaping antlers out of the rest of the chocolate-pretzel mixture.

A Chilly Idea – Snowy Reindeer’s Antlers

Eliminate the coffee powder and replace dark chocolate ingredient with white chocolate for a snowy version of this yummy cookie. Use multiple colors for the nose, if desired.

Many Other Recipe Additions and Substitutions to Try

To the melted chocolate, try replacing coffee powder with any one of these alternative oil-based flavorings for added appeal: 1/8-teaspoon vanilla, almond, hazelnut, peppermint, or orange flavored extract. Liqueurs can also enhance the flavor of chocolate. Try a small amount of Grand Marnier, Brandy, or Bailey’s Irish Cream instead of extract. For a fresher taste, try adding orange or lemon zest.

Alternatively, try these ingredient substitutions: 6 oz butterscotch chips instead of 6 oz of the dark chocolate, milk or semi-sweet chocolate pieces instead of dark chocolate, candied fruit, such as cherries or golden raisins instead of coated chocolate candy, or chow mein noodles instead of pretzels.

Preparing festive holiday cookies doesn’t have to be a difficult chore. Make Reindeer’s Antlers for the next holiday gathering, Christmas cookie swap, or classroom holiday party and watch in amazement at how quickly they fly off the plate. (These treats are great for Santa too!)

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