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Easy Party Food for a Halloween Kids’ Celebration

Published by Vito Kavadias

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Cut nachos, mini sandwiches, cookies, and dippers into fun Halloween shapes with cookie cutters. Although the recipes for this party food are simple enough for even young children to help prepare, the presentation carries the day. Decorate the table with a black tablecloth and set the food on holiday-themed plates and trays. Scatter the table with small toys and wrapped candy that guests can take home.

Halloween Recipes for Savory Snacks

Toasted Cheese Sandwiches – Make grilled cheese sandwiches or toast several sandwiches in the oven on cookie sheets. Position cookie cutters over the bread and cut out as many shapes possible from each sandwich. Save the leftover pieces, toast them crispier, and serve in tomato soup either to adults attending the party or to the family later in the week.

Cream Cheese Cut-outs – Save the hassle of toasting the sandwiches and spread the sandwich bread or flatbread with flavored cream cheese and top with another piece of bread. Cut out shapes. Use white, wheat, and pumpernickel bread for visual variety and different savory cream cheese for an assortment of tastes. Have fun matching cookie cutter shapes to the different breads – white for ghosts, pumpernickel for cats and bats.

Halloween Tortillas – Use the cookie cutters to cut Halloween shapes from corn tortillas. Spray the shapes with oil and bake in a single layer at 350 degrees until crisp. Heat a can of refried beans. Spoon some of the beans onto the tortillas and top with shredded cheddar cheese. Bake until the cheese is melted.

Dippers – Unroll refrigerator pie pastry and cut out shapes. Pull away excess and roll it out to make more shapes. Mix an egg yolk with food coloring and a bit of water. Brush this mixture over the shapes. Sprinkle on a mixture of herbs or cinnamon and sugar. Serve the herb dippers with a savory dip or the sweet dippers with vanilla yogurt decorated with colored sugar.

Holiday Party Ideas for Sweet Treats

Quick Cookies – Cut holiday shapes from rolled refrigerator dough.

Spooky Cakes – Cut shapes from slices of pound cake and then decorate with icing. With a little more effort to make the frosting, turn the cake into petit fours.

Dippers – Make the pastry dippers described above and serve with frosting that guests can apply with a plastic knife.

From the savory to the sweet, a Halloween party host can create a table full of themed foods just by cutting out shapes with cookie cutters. Don’t worry about making everything a holiday shape, a few offerings will show off the Halloween spirit. Enlist children to help make food for the party with the above recipes or with recipes for finger party foods

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