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Easy, Scary, and Fun Ideas to Decorate Halloween Cupcakes

Published by Amberly Claybrook

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Below are some easy and simple ways to make your tasty cupcakes look positively ghoulish this holiday season. Any of these creative cupcake decorating ideas are sure to be popular at any festive get together.

Make Gruesome and Tasty Ghost Cupcakes at Your Halloween Party

Decorate your Halloween cupcakes to look like ghostly faces. Spread white frosting on cupcake and draw on phantasmal mouths and eyes with black frosting using a piping bag. These work best with a white cake and a stiff white frosting.

Decorate Your Halloween Cupcakes to Look Like a Pumpkin Patch

Top your Halloween cupcakes with a mini, festive fall pumpkin patch. Frost cupcakes with green frosting. Using food coloring, dye some coconut flakes green. Sprinkle green coconut on top of green frosting. Add some candy corn pumpkins to complete your pumpkin patch. You might consider using a pumpkin cake recipe with cream cheese frosting.

Halloween Cupcake Decorating Idea: Witch’s Hat Cupcakes

Make spooky witch’s hat cupcakes this Halloween. Frost cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting. Put pointy, chocolate waffle cones on top for a spooky witch’s hat. This is a great way to top a chocolate cupcake.

Halloween Cupcake Decorating Idea: Monster Cupcakes

Make a plateful of fun, frightful goodies to share with family and friends. Kids esspecially love decorating cupcakes to look like monster faces. Frost cupcakes with brightly colored frosting. Draw on ghoulish faces using piping bag. You also can make fiendish faces using different types of candy as the eyes and drawing on the mouth. A white cake with multicolored spots is a zany choice and pairs well with this decorating idea.

Top Halloween Cupcakes like Jack-o-lanterns

Decorate your Halloween cupcakes to look like festive and friendly Halloween Jack-o-lanterns. Frost cupcake with orange frosting. Draw on using frosting piping bag scary and fun jack-o-lantern faces. Two triangle eyes and a toothy grin should do the trick. A black or a yellow frosting works well for the accent frosting.

Make Creepy Halloween Eyeball Cupcakes

Make your cupcakes look like gruesome, bloodshot eyes. Frost cupcake with white frosting. Add a black pupil to the center using the piping bag. Then, add zig-zagged red vein-like lines using the piping bag to the cupcake to make the top look like a fiendish eye.

Scare up Some Fun at Your Halloween Party with Cat’s Eye Cupcakes

Top your halloween cupcake like a cat’s eye. Frost cupcake with yellow frosting. Draw a black line down the middle for the cat’s pupil.

Make Zany and Fun Spider’s Web Cupcakes this Halloween

Make zany and fun spider web cupcakes this halloween. Frost cupcake with a ghoulish yellow or green frosting. Using purple or blue frosting, draw three circles, each inside the other, on the cupcake using the piping bag. Using a tooth pick, make diagonal lines through the circles, to look like strands in a spider’s web.

Look Around Your Grocery Store to Find Other Fast & Fun Ways to Decorate Cupcakes for Halloween

If pressed for time, there are many faster options available at your grocery story for gruesome cupcake toppers.

Many Halloween candies such as gummy spiders, eyeball candy, gummy bats, or gummy worms look festive and fun on top of Halloween cupcakes.

Most grocery stores carry fun Halloween themed cupcake liners specifically for this spooky holiday season. These fun, decorative baking cups can make your cupcakes even more festive and fun. To save money, consider buying Halloween cupcake liners after Halloween, drastically on sale, and keeping them for the following year.

Also, don’t dismiss the ideas of holiday colored sprinkles. There are many fun Halloween colored and shaped sprinkles that are a fast and fun means to quickly and festively decorate Halloween cupcakes.

Hints for Decorating Halloween Cupcakes

If you don’t have a piping bag, don’t worry. You can make a very simple one yourself. Just cut a small corner off a sandwich bag to squeeze frosting out. You probably won’t need that much frosting to add the finishing touches to your cupcakes, so this substitute would be fine for your purposes.

Consider recruiting some help for decorating your cupcakes. Kids enjoy decorating cupcakes. Let them be creative and have fun making the desserts they will share with family and friends.

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