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Easy Thanksgiving Crafts and Activities for Kids

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If you are throwing a Thanksgiving-themed party for your kids then you are probably wondering what sort of activities you should have at your party. Kids of all ages love crafts, so be sure to include a few creative activities in your plans for the day.

Thanksgiving crafts do not need to be expensive or complicated – many of them can be made easily with a few materials you probably already have around the house. If you want your Thanksgiving party to be a success but you do not want to spend a lot of money on materials, then try some of these easy craft ideas. They are sure to be a hit!

Easy Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Every kid loves a good scavenger hunt and Thanksgiving-themed scavenger hunts are great for holiday parties. To prepare for this activity, you can either create your own list of items to find or search for a pre-made list online. Good items to include on your Thanksgiving scavenger hunt list are fall leaves, acorns and Thanksgiving decorations. Once you have your list simply divide the group into teams and set them loose (if your scavenger hunt is meant to go beyond the confines of your backyard, make sure an adult accompanies each group).

There are several ways you can go with your scavenger hunt – you can either have groups collect the actual items and bring them back with them or you can simply have each team carry a digital camera and take photographs of the items on the list. Whichever group returns with a completed list first wins the prize!

Pumpkin Bowling

This activity is sure to get the kids laughing as they attempt to knock over pins with a pumpkin rather than a bowling ball. Simply arrange 10 plastic bottles (1 or 2 liters) in a triangle shape and let the children try to knock over the “pins” by rolling a pumpkin toward them. Each player has three chances to knock down all the pins .

Relay Pumpkin Roll

Relay races are great activities for kids and you can add a Thanksgiving twist to classic relay games by using pumpkins. Simply divide the kids into two groups and have them form four equal lines, two across from each other. Place a pumpkin on the ground in front of each of the teams and, when you say “go,” have them try to roll the pumpkin over to the other half of their team using a stiff broom.

Once the pumpkin reaches the other side, the next person in line must roll the pumpkin back to the other side. The relay continues in this manner until all of the players on one team have rolled the pumpkin to the other side successfully.

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Construction Paper Turkey Hat

For this craft all you need is some colored construction paper (red and yellow), brown paper bags, scissors, and glue. To create the headband for the hat, cut a 3-inch wide band from a paper bag and fit it around your child’s head, mark where the ends overlap, and glue it together. Next, cut a circle for your turkey’s head out of another brown paper bag and add eyes, a beak, and a wattle using the colored construction paper.

To attach the turkey’s head you can either glue it straight to the headband or use a strip of paper or cardboard folded accordion-style to make the head stick out from the headband. Then, cut wings and out of construction paper and glue one to either side of the headband and finish up with construction paper feathers glued to the inside of the headband.

Thanksgiving Leaf Garland

To prepare for this craft you will need to draw leaf shapes on colored construction paper – you can either draw them free-hand or download templates from the web. Then you can either cut the shapes out yourself or allow the kids to choose their own leaves and cut them out. If you want to add a wrinkled effect to the leaves you can lay the leaves out on a covered work surface and lightly spray both sides with water.

After they have been sprayed, crumple the leaves then flatten them out to dry. Once they have dried completely have the kids write on each leaf one thing for which they are thankful. Then you can string the leaves together to create a Thanksgiving leaf garland.

Paper Plate Cornucopia

This craft is best for older children who are able to handle scissors and glue on their own. To start, take a paper plate, roll it into a cone, and tape or glue it together. Then, glue one end of a length of twine to the tip of the cone and wrap it around the cone over and over until the entire shape is covered. You may need to add shorter pieces of twine to fill in gaps once the glue has dried. If you choose, you can use a length of manila rope to wrap around the rim of the cone. Once all the glue has dried, insert a coffee filter into the cornucopia and allow the children to fill it with their choice of candy, nuts, and popcorn.

These Thanksgiving crafts and activities are easy to do and a lot of fun for kids. With just a few simple materials and a little bit of creativity on your part you can throw a great Thanksgiving party for your kids without having to spend a lot of money. After all, what makes a party great is not the amount of money you spend on it but the amount of fun you have there and the memories you create.

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