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Easy Thanksgiving Decorations: Simple Autumn Décor can be Beautiful and Elegant

Published by Ross Vintimilla

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Going a step past a cornucopia or turkey decoration can make a house truly give off the comfortable and familial atmosphere of Thanksgiving dinners. Through the use of simple, inexpensive but beautiful decorations and design techniques, any house can look both elegant and welcoming for this fall holiday. Emphasizing preexisting decorations and kids’ projects will also contribute to the beauty of Thanksgiving.

Autumn Candles

Any house can benefit from the comforting glow of candles; Thanksgiving celebrations offer a great time to utilize candles in decorating. From scents like pumpkin pie to apple cider, the season offers many scents that can be used to make the house really smell like fall.

Using short, fat candles around rooms to provide a source of scent and light is a great way to brighten up the edges of rooms and showcase decorations. Placing a candle on a leaf-shaped plate and surrounding it with ears of corn or small pumpkins is a beautiful way to showcase a particular candle or part of a room.

Placing tall taper candles on the Thanksgiving table that match an autumnal color scheme will also enhance a room’s fall feeling. Using candles that are orange, brown or red will add to the autumnal atmosphere of Thanksgiving.

Using Pumpkins, Squash and Gourds in Thanksgiving Decorations

Purchasing small pumpkins, squash and gourds offer a number of decorating options for Thanksgiving. Placing squash, gourds and pumpkins around a candle or centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table will emphasize the bounty of the holiday and offer a pleasant reminder of the purpose of the celebration.

Squash, pumpkins and gourds can also be used to enhance a floral arrangement and make it look more autumnal. Filling a cornucopia with apples in addition to corn, gourds, squash and pumpkins is a traditional

Thanksgiving decoration.

Thanksgiving Tableware

One way to truly enhance the Thanksgiving is to invest in a small amount of autumn-themed tableware. These plates and cups will be used only a few times each year, and will therefore truly evoke the holiday spirit each time they are taken out. Plates that are decorated with leaves, pumpkins and turkeys can be beautiful and add a familiar sense to a Thanksgiving meal. Wine glasses that have orange stems or feature images of fall are an elegant addition to any Thanksgiving table.

Preparing for Thanksgiving is a simple process that nonetheless can turn an undecorated house into a lovely and comfortable place in which to celebrate this traditional holiday. Using simple colors like orange, red and brown to create a themed palette will make decorating choices easy, and using simple items like candles and gourds to decorate will make any Thanksgiving celebration more lovely.

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