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Eco Friendly Christmas – Eco Friendly Holidays

Published by Ngan Bestwick

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Enjoy green holidays with environmentally friendly products. From lights, to cards, to gifts and wrapping paper, there are many ways that consumers can have eco-friendly holidays.

Eco Friendly Christmas

For those who celebrate Christmas, one of the focal points in the home for the holidays is the Christmas tree. Instead of using a tree that’s been cut down or an artificial tree, go with a living Christmas tree. These can be purchased in planters. Not only is there the fun of decorating the tree, families can also enjoy decorating the planter as well. Once the holidays are over, the tree can be planted in the yard.

Tree decorations can be eco friendly as well. Use leftover fabric to create Christmas ornaments. Instead of purchasing garlands, string popcorn around the tree. Take leftover popsicle sticks and glue them together to make the frame. Glue a photo onto the back, then tape or glue a piece of yarn to enable the picture ornament to hang on the tree.


Eco Friendly Holidays

Use environmentally friendly lighting when setting up an outdoor holiday light display. LED lights are energy efficient and cool to the touch. They also help to reduce the energy bill. Several companies make them including GE and Sylvania.

Another alternative are solar Christmas lights. These lights use the energy of the sun for power. As no power outlet or extension cords are needed, all new decorating possibilities can open up.

Instead of purchasing a new holiday centerpiece, look for items at home and in the yard that will work for a festive decoration. For example, a nice centerpiece can consist of pine cones, holly and candles. Left over material can be sewn to create cloth napkins and placemats.

Environmentally Friendly Gifts

Gift shopping doesn’t have to change dramatically in order to have green holidays. A subtle change that can be made is to shop for items that don’t have a lot of packaging or use plastic. Look for gifts that are made from recycled materials. When it comes to wrapping, consider using recycled wrapping paper and gift bags. In addition, comics from the Sunday paper can be used for colorful wrapping paper.

Recycled Holiday Cards

Help lessen the number of trees cut down each year by using recycled holiday cards. Cards are made from recycled materials and are available for Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s. With recycled cards, seasons greetings can still be sent while still being environmentally friendly.

There are many ways to have eco friendly holidays. Having green holidays are a wonderful way to help protect the earth’s natural resources. Stay eco friendly this holiday season with cards, decorations, lights and gifts that are kind to the planet, while still being festive.

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