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Eco-Friendly Christmas Wreaths – Creative Holiday Decorating

Published by Cathie Gardenhire

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Christmas wreaths don’t necessarily have to be the traditional evergreen variety you’re used to seeing on doors everywhere this time of year – but they can still be ‘green’! Get a bit more creative and make your own holiday inspired wreaths out of repurposed household items!

Bath Scrunchy Wreath

It seems like every bottle of bodywash you buy these days comes with free bath scrunchy, and if you’re like me, you squirrel them away, knowing that sooner or later, you’ll get around to using them. Well, now you can use them in a very unexpected way; make a funky wreath for your bathroom door, using a few red, white and/or green bath scrunchies, a wire hanger, and some miniature ball ornaments!

Simply unwind the wire hanger with a pair of craft pliers, leaving the hook intact, and shape into a circle. Weave the bath scrunchies onto the wire until it is nearly full; just leave enough room to twist the hanger back together at the top. Using craft glue, attach the Christmas balls onto the wreath in whatever pattern you like. After the glue is dry, use the original hook in the hanger to mount the wreath on the door!


Tip: If you only use white, clear or silver balls, they will look a bit like soap bubbles on the bath scrunchies!

Scrap Denim Wreath

Every household usually has a few pairs of jeans hanging around somewhere that are too stained or torn to donate, but somehow haven’t made it into the trash bin yet. Pull out a few pairs and get cutting to create a unique denim holiday wreath!

Lay the jeans out flat, and use scissors to remove the legs. Cut the bottom seam off the legs, leaving two long tubes of denim. Cut across the legs every inch or so, creating several small loops. At the seams, cut each loop open to create two strips of denim. Form a wire clothes hanger into a circle, leaving the hook intact. Tie each piece of denim around the wire securely with a double knot; continue until the entire hanger is covered with denim. Intersperse with some garland pieces or Christmas ribbon, and finish with a large brightly colored fabric bow at the top to hide the hook.

Tip: Any scrap fabric will work for this wreath; use old towels, or even sweaters – pull out the old Christmas themed ones your granny knitted for you and finally put them to good use!

Puzzle Piece Wreath

If you have an old jigsaw puzzle hiding somewhere that has a few missing pieces, pull it out and give it new life as the latest addition to your Christmas decorations!

Choosing mostly green pieces if possible, make a circle, as large as you like but about 3-4 pieces wide, tacking them together with craft glue. Place more puzzle pieces on top of this first layer – again in mostly green shades – in a slightly smaller circle, tacking each one down with glue. Make a third, slightly smaller layer in the same way, choosing some red pieces to alternate with the green. Seal with a coat of puzzle glue to ensure everything is well anchored. Glue a ribbon to the top, and string to the back for hanging.

Tip: You can also simply paint the pieces beforehand in the seasonal colors of your choice or, once the glue has dried, spray paint the entire thing silver, gold, white, red, or green, for a more finished look.

Bonus Tip: This would also be gorgeous made out of spare buttons!

Corrugated Cardboard Wreath

Everyone has a few cardboard boxes lurking around the house just waiting to be thrown out. Instead of tossing them into the recycling bin, why not repurpose some of this cardboard into a unique Christmas wreath instead?

Using a few longer cardbard pieces, cut into strips 2 inches wide; make sure to measure these out if you want a perfectly flat and uniform look or, if you don’t mind a few uneven edges, you can just eyeball it. Flip a mixing bowl upside down so that the lip of the bowl is resting on a flat surface; use this to form your wreath around.

Begin wrapping cardboard pieces around the base of the bowl (laying the pieces on their sides so the corrugated edges show in front), building a new layer over each previous one, and anchoring them together with hot glue. Continue this way until you have a size you like, then tie a string tightly around the circle of cardboard to hold the layers in place until the glue dries completely. Once the glue is dry, remove the string and weave a piece of holiday ribbon around the wreath – making sure to leave some cardboard exposed – and add a ribbon or string to hang.

Necktie Wreath

My favourite holiday repurposing project is this necktie wreath; what better way to give new life to all of Dad’s tacky Father’s day ties, than to create this truly funky and original holiday wreath? It’s the ultimate eco-friendly Christmas creation!

There’s nothing wrong with the traditional evergreen Christmas wreath, its definitely a classic. But if you’d like to get more creative this year, and put your imagination and your craft skills to work, try making your own eco-friendly Christmas wreaths – they make unique gifts too!

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