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Elegant Christmas Ornaments are Easy to Make: Simple is Best for Homemade Poinsettia Ball Decorations

Published by Alysha Salling

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Poinsettias are beautiful flowering shrubs that grow as much as 10 to 12 feet tall in tropical climates. They have a short blooming season. There is a fussy process to get them to bloom again in cold climates, so many people either buy new ones every year, or use artificial poinsettias. Silk poinsettia plants that become tired and bedraggled can be used to make Christmas ornaments. Transform artificial poinsettia petals into elegant Christmas balls for custom decorations for very little money.

Materials Needed to Make Poinsettia Christmas Balls

Actually, the colored parts of a poinsettia plant are not the petals, but are simply colored leaves. The actual flower is the small center of the colored leaves. For this purpose, however, the colored leaves are referred to as petals.

  • Artificial poinsettia petals – Use old artificial poinsettias or purchase inexpensive poinsettia sprays. Remove the individual petals.
  • Styrofoam balls (or other shapes as desired)
  • Sequin pins, 1/2″
  • Artificial poinsettia leaves or other artificial greenery

How to Make Poinsettia Christmas Balls

Click the picture below for a larger view.

  1. Pin each petal to the styrofoam ball with the sequin pins.
  2. Cover the ball completely with the petals all going in the same direction.
  3. Pin a cord for hanging and greenery at one end of the ball.
  4. The opposite end can be decorated as well. Use greenery, beads, or a combination of both.

Where to Use Poinsettia Christmas Balls

These are simple to make, and can be used on their own on a Christmas tree, or to dress up other arrangements. Stack them in a pretty cut glass bowl for an easy decorative touch. Add them to garlands or hang in a doorway with some mistletoe. Poinsettia balls add a festive look anywhere they are used.

Poinsettias come in some wonderful shades of pink, red, white, and variegated. Red is still the perennial favorite. Of course, artificial poinsettia petals can be purchased rather than taking apart the flowers. They are more expensive and harder to find locally, but can be bought online. Recycling old plants is very satisfying. Recycled wine corks also make good decorations, and recycled foil wrappers from wine bottles make garland.


While artificial poinsettias don’t quite match the natural beauty of the real thing, they can be used very effectively in situations where real flowers aren’t practical. In Hawaii, live poinsettia Christmas trees are so spectacular in an outdoor setting, that you’ll forget that the temperature is not very Christmas-like. While Hawaii grows and displays its own poinsettias, Christmas trees have to be imported from the mainland.

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