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Elf a Family Comedy About Christmas Spirit: Will Farrell Comedic Movie About Childlike Wonder of the Holidays

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Elf is a Christmas movie starring Will Farrell as a human being who was raised by elves in Santa’s Workshop in the North Pole. Bob Newhart portrays Papa Elf who adopts the baby from the orphanage as his own. Santa is portrayed by Edward Asner. The fanciful comedy is good hearted fun as the viewer sees Buddy the Elf as he meets his cynical New York father (James Caan) and innocently gets into all kinds of trouble.

Will Farrell as Buddy

Buddy is a true innocent in the urban landscape wreaking havoc where ever he goes in this laugh out loud comedy that comes out during every holiday season since its release in 2003.

Buddy grows up in the winter wonderland of Santa’s workshop. When he grows to 6’3” he learns that the is not an elf, but a human being whose father does not know he exists, sending him on a quest to meet his father, who is married and has another child.

Will Farrell portrays Buddy, who has the spirit of childlike wonder and believes the best of everything and everybody. Buddy event meets a beautiful girl (Zooey Deschanel) at Gimbels and falls in love.

Buddy Saves Christmas

Buddy is the human elf who does not fit in anywhere he goes. In the North Pole he is a failure as a Santa’s Helper. His New York father does not know what to do with his misfit child, so he send him to work in the mailroom, where he creates even more mischief.

When Santa’s sleigh will not fly because the belief-o-meter is too low, it is Buddy’s spirit that brings the magic of Christmas to Central Park.

Elf is a story about believing in the magic of Christmas, as his innocence and childlike wonder changes the life of the people he meets in a story that is just plain fun.

Cast of Elf

  • Will Ferrell as Buddy
  • James Caan as Walter, Buddy’s father
  • Bob Newhart as Papa Elf
  • Edward Asner as Santa Claus
  • Mary Steenbergen as Emily
  • Zooey Deschanel as Jovie
  • Daniel Tay as Michale
  • Faizon Love as the Gimbel’s Manager
  • Peter Dinklage as Miles Finch
  • Amy Sadaris as Deb
  • Michael Lerner as Fulton
  • Andy Richter as Morris
  • Kyle Gass as Eugene
  • Artie Lange as Gimbel’s Santa
  • Leon Redbone as the voice of Leon the SnowmanJon Favreau – DirectorDaven Berenbaum – Writer

Elf is Terrific Family Entertainment

Elf is a light hearted comedy about the spirit of Christmas and the magic of believing in miracles. The movie is terrific family entertainment for kids and adults. Look for Elf on television or purchase a DVD to see this charming Christmas story.

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