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Evolution of a True Halloween Enthusiast

Published by Harmony Fulwiler

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All of my friends know me as the kooky grown-up who takes Halloween quite seriously. But what they don’t realize is that I was always quite a morbid little kid. While other kids got excited about slasher flicks and imaginary “monsters,” I was fascinated with ghosts, poltergeists, and other aspects of the paranormal. This fascination often followed me all throughout the year. But Halloween has meant different things for me at various stages in my life. Here’s my personal evolution through this dark, yet intriguing holiday…

The Trick-or-Treater

Like most kids, I was all for going from house to house, seeking free candy. I can recall being dressed as a gypsy every year. I loved my homemade costume, and was thrilled that I had such a creative mother to make me up each Halloween. (Her ingenuity also saved hundreds on store-bought costumes.) But more than the enticing treats, I loved the feel of Halloween. And it was during these childhood outings that I began picking up on a change in the atmosphere. More than just a shift in seasons, I felt as if there were more people around that I was seeing. Years later, I discovered that Halloween represents the time of year where the barrier between the living and dead is the thinnest. I don’t claim to have been one of those psychic kids. But I felt very strongly at a young age, that we are not here alone.

The Lost Hallow-Teen Years

While I have always loved Halloween, I must confess that during my teen and young adult years, I cannot recall any profound experiences. A bit too old to hop from house to house “tricking for treats”, my leisure activities were reduced to the occasional sleepover, and perhaps a slasher flick marathon. I was occasionally regaled with tales of local haunts and other urban legends. But investigations either never occurred or never panned out. Indeed, if you weren’t into the mischievous life of “decorating” homes with eggs or toilet paper-then the Halloween activities were relatively limited.

Halloween: Nirvana for Free-Spirited Adults

I must say that being an adult who adores Halloween is much better than anything I could have imagined. First and foremost, Halloween treats are easily acquired by the discriminating reveler. Additionally, exploration into the supernatural topics I love has been much more fulfilling. And as I get older, it seems that adult Halloween parties just get wilder and more entertaining. I am beginning to believe that in a time where trick-or-treating has lost a bit of its popularity, adults have adopted the holiday for themselves. I can’t seem to figure out however, which one is responsible for the other.

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