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Experience the Texas Renaissance Festival: A Journey Through One of the Many Renaissance Period Celebrations

Published by Niki Scoble

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into the experience to enjoy their stay. And stay they shall, for they are offered an expansive campgrounds in close proximity to the festival entrance. For a cost of 10$ per carload, fair goers can camp for as many nights as they wish.

Space is abundant so that campers can fully enjoy the nature of the forests surrounding them. The festival closes after dusk, but the party on the general campgrounds rages on throughout the night coming alive with drumming, bagpipes, and bonfires to serve as a constant reminder that it is not an average camping trip.

Shopping, Food, and Entertainment at the Fesitval

When it comes to sustenance and shopping TRF boasts an enormous selection of both. Inside the festival gates, the village is strategically divided by nationality. Each area is different than the next. This tasteful combo serves up endless possibilities in the way of food and drink, which assures the visitors that no matter what they crave, they can find it there.

When one wishes to walk off all of those extra calories, they should know that all of this lies within a winding cobblestone-paved wonderland filled to the brim with a diverse medley of craftspeople, and vendors. They offer everything from mystical jewelry to authentic period costumes.

Guests can watch a blacksmith pounding away, or glassblowers creating works of art. There are tarot/palm readers, massage therapists, and face painters. One wants to bring a bit of cash along, for it can be rather easy to find something to tickle anyone’s fancy for a pretty penny.

They also offer a unique list of entertainment proved by their extensive show schedule. Visitors can enjoy everything from genuine Celtic bands to jousting in the arena. The festival even throws its guests an end of the day celebration with a fireworks show after dusk to the tune of bagpipes and drumming.

Characters From the Renaissance Period

The majority of the intrigue of a successful renaissance festival depends on the staff’s willingness to stay in character. Aside from the usual vendors they also employ many costumed folk season-wide that are simply there to add to the overall feel. After only a few hours one can hardly fight the urge to speak in period language themselves.

On top of the average crowd wandering about, TRF offers themed weekends featuring large groups of barbarians, pirates, fairies and more, depending on who is overrunning the village during those particular days. All of this acting is reminiscent of the 1500s, and it is crucial that employees keep visitors engrossed in their experience.

The Texas Renaissance Festival is a strong representation of what this type of festival is supposed to be. Guests can camp out under the stars during the night, and enjoy a diverse assortment of nourishment, shopping and entertainment by day, all put on by people who are devoted to the renaissance theme. It is this unprecedented blend, this marriage of detailed culture that creates a successful, long lived renaissance style atmosphere that in-turn keeps its loyal followers returning year after year.

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