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Fabulous Adult Halloween Ideas

Published by Sterling Thesing

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Having a Halloween adult party is one of my favorite types of parties. Every time I have one people have a great time and tell me Halloween should be a monthly celebration. There are many different things you can do to have a fabulous adult Halloween party. The following are ideas that made my adult Halloween party a great success and make yours one too.

Have a scary entrance prepared. Use a cardboard box to cut a shape of a tombstone. Color the tombstone gray. Once it’s dry write the names of each guest in black and underneath their name write RIP, which stands for rest in peace. Place the tombstones by the front door. Then near the tombstones have scary Halloween music playing. You can download music online or buy a Halloween CD from a local party store.

Create a house of horror. Use a fog machine and black lights to set the scary scene. Have different creepy crawly creatures around the house. For example, rubber spiders, snakes, lizards and other insects, which you can buy at a Dollar Tree store to freak many people out. You can also create haunted ghosts by blowing up helium balloons and putting a white sheet over it. Decorate the face using black permanent markers. Other decorations that would be costly but would add to the environment are hanging head split with machete prop, life size skeleton or a dead talking head. You can buy decorations online, local party or toy store.

Provide scary Halloween food. A Halloween party is not a Halloween party without scary food. You can bake a rectangular cake and frost it green. Then decorate the face like a freakish Frankenstein. Cut sandwiches in circles and using black strips of chips create the legs of a spider. Olives can be used for the eyes, which would be placed on top of the sandwich. Use elbow pasta as the side dish. Mold the pasta in a ball and call it monster’s brain. Using celery sticks and cream cheese or peanut butter you can make little creepy insects. Use raisins and nuts for the eyes, nose and mouth. For the drink provide juice of any kind but just add plastic eyeballs to make it look ghoulish and creepy.

Have everyone come in his or her favorite Halloween costume. It’s a blast to see everyone dressed up in a Halloween costume. Halloween costumes really add to the entire ambience. Your guest can purchase, rent or create their Halloween costume. On the back of your Halloween party invitation you can have a list of suggestive costumes for those who can’t think of what to dress up as.

Play Halloween games. Halloween games are a great way to keep the guests entertained. I am sure you have heard of some before. For example, prize for the scariest costume, who at the party can eat the most dead spiders within a minute and which guest can shoot the most gummy worms in a bucket.

By using these adult Halloween ideas your party is sure to be a success. Oh and don’t forget to say BOO every time someone walks out of the bathroom.

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