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Family Thanksgiving Activities: Make a Family Thanksgiving Tree and Holiday Tablecloth

Published by Harry Mahuna

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These family Thanksgiving activities are not only a wonderful way to enjoy the holiday season, but will remind family members to count their blessings and give thanks during this special time of year.

Family Thanksgiving Tree

Grow a tree of thanks this Thanksgiving. Erect a family Thanksgiving tree on a wall in the home using colorful leaf cutouts and butcher paper. The Thanksgiving tree will be a beautiful site blooming with leaves that represent all the things and people each family member is thankful for this holiday season. The Thanksgiving tree activity is a wonderful way to celebrate life’s blessings.

Supplies Needed:

  • Variety of leaf cutouts
  • Brown butcher paper
  • Black Sharpie
  • Scotch Tape

How to Make a Thanksgiving Tree:

  1. Construct a tree trunk with brown butcher paper and tape it to an open space on a wall or door.
  2. Sit down as a family with your leaf cutouts and Sharpie, and share what everybody is thankful for this holiday season.
  3. Write down what each family member is thankful for on the leaves. For example: One leaf might say “Grandpa.” Another leaf may say “Ice Cream.” Allow children to give thanks for whatever they want no matter how silly it may seem.
  4. Tape the leafs around the tree trunk so that it looks like a tree.
  5. Keep a supply of blank leaves near the Thanksgiving tree and invite guests to add their own sentiments of thanks when they visit.

Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Spending time as a family giving thanks is the perfect way to spend a November evening this Fall. Preserve family blessings by getting creative with crayons and markers, and drawing on a special holiday tablecloth this Thanksgiving. Making a Thanksgiving tablecloth is a meaningful way to celebrate the holiday, and the finished product makes a great showpiece for the holiday table.

Supplies Needed:

  • White paper tablecloth
  • Crayons and/or markers

How to Make a Thanksgiving Tablecloth:

  1. Place the white paper tablecloth on the dining room table.
  2. As a family, sit down at the table and use the markers and crayons to decorate the tablecloth for Thanksgiving. It’s fun to trace family member’s hands to make turkeys, write things/people everybody is thankful for, etc.
  3. Take some time to view the tablecloth as a family and share what each person has drawn or written.
  4. It might be fun to snap a photo of the entire family holding up the finished tablecloth.
  5. Serve Thanksgiving dinner on the special tablecloth. (If the family is traveling for the holidays, prepare a special dinner at home and use the tablecloth at that time or, if preferred, fold it up neatly and present it to the person hosting Thanksgiving dinner as a keepsake gift.)

More Tablecloth Fun:

  • For those hosting a large family get together this Thanksgiving, place a white paper tablecloth on the table before guests arrive. Make crayons and markers available, and invite guests to draw pictures or write down sentiments of thanks on the tablecloth. Let everyone have a look at the wonderful masterpiece before serving the holiday feast.
  • Modify the Thanksgiving tablecloth activity for any memorable occasion. Make one for Christmas, birthdays, graduations or any other special day.

Give thanks this Thanksgiving with delightful and memorable Thanksgiving activities tailored especially for the family. Making a family Thanksgiving tree and tablecloth is certain to become a treasured holiday tradition year after year.

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