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Family Travel Lodging: Choosing Where to Stay

The beginning of every journey starts with questions such as, where to go, what to do, and how much will it cost. Cost is one of the most important factors that will help decide answers to the other two questions. This article will assist you in what type of lodging will suit your family.

When a family starts to plan a vacation, they enlist the aid of all members. Decide on a budget, and then let the children discuss places they would like to visit. You can make suggestions based on specials that are available, the mode of transportation you can afford, and how long you would be away.

Let the children suggest places they would like to visit. Even though your plans may not include travel to the House of the Mouse, your children still feel as if they have made a contribution. They can go over the choices put on the table, and then make a decision. This is their vacation, too, not just a getaway for the adults.

Here is a list of different types of loding options you may come across in your family travel planning.

All-Inclusive Resorts: All-inclusive resorts are a growing trend in the travel industry. They can be found all over the Caribbean and Mexico and are now making their way into the US. These resorts typically include meals, non-motorized activities, kids clubs, and domestic drinks. Some plans resorts use is the American Plan (AP) which includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or European Plan (EP) which does not include meals.

Bed & Breakfasts and Small Inns: The terms “Bed and Breakfast” or “Inn” evokes a sense of romance or intimacy. For some of these choices, this can be true, but there are many Bed and Breakfasts that were once the home of historical figures or they are examples of architecture and art. Some B&Bs can be child friendly. However, most of these establishments are furnished with antiques and irreplaceable items. You are the best judge of your child’s character, and only you can make the correct decision on lodging choices for your family. Be sure to verify with the innkeepers that children are allowed.

Villas/Homes: Villas or home rentals can be a great choice for longer stays. They offer all the comforts of home, including separate bedrooms, a full kitchen, and sometimes a private pool.

Hotels/Motels: These establishments can range in price, depending upon the amenities provided. Some have on-site restaurants, which can be convenient but costly. A hotel is where all the rooms are accessed from inside a hallway. A motel is where the rooms are accessed from outdoors.

Hostels: Hostels were established as an inexpensive way for students to travel throughout Europe. Today, hostels can be found all over the world, including the US. They offer dormitory style inexpensive accommodations. They do not offer the amenities of a hotel, but the experience of meeting foreign visitors and the socializing opportunities help children gain a greater understanding of the world and its people.

Campgrounds: Campgrounds can offer your child an opportunity to get closer to nature and the outdoors. Some campgrounds offer cabins while all offer RV and tent sites.

No matter what type of lodging you decide for your family vacation, be sure to research and have a wonderful trip.

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