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Feel Beautiful on Thanksgiving: How to look gorgeous during the holiday season

Published by Faustino Partch

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Thanksgiving is all about the food, right? Well it’s undeniably a big part of the celebration, but that’s not its only purpose. Thanksgiving is about gratitude. Pilgrims were grateful for food, but for most of us, food is already a customary part of daily living. We tend to be more worried about consuming too much rather than being grateful for having something to eat.

Keep the gratitude in Thanksgiving by focusing on things in your life you really are grateful for. Companionship, love, friendship and health are just a few examples of things you may be thankful for. Enjoy the day and whatever you’re planning by feeling good about yourself. Celebrating your unique look is a good way to start the day with gratitude, and keep feeling good all day. Feeling tired and frumpy won’t boost your feelings of thanks for anything. Here are some easy tips to look and feel great on Thanksgiving.

Rest. Even though you have extra things to do on a holiday, you need your rest more than usual. Celebrations are tiring, and sometimes having company can be stressful. You’ll look your best by getting plenty of sleep all week. Cut back on nights out, and schedule a nap sometime early on Thanksgiving Day. A little stretching or yoga will improve your glow too.

Dress festively. Plan an outfit ahead of time so you don’t wind up wearing anything unflattering at the last minute. Buy something new if budget permits. Seasonal colors are a good choice for this holiday — look at the changing leaves for color ideas. Keep comfort in mind too. Spandex may not be your best choice today.

Paint your nails. If you’re cooking, wait till after most of the hard work is done to paint your nails. You might want to choose a pale color to minimize signs of chipping on hard-working hands. Otherwise, pick a bold, deep color, which looks great on short nails. If you get stuck with dishes, wear gloves.

Watch your alcohol consumption. There’s nothing pretty about being the holiday drunk. Even if everyone’s drinking early because it’s a holiday, stick with seltzer until it’s time to toast the meal. Drinking dehydrates your skin, makes you look tired and get sloppy about things like lipstick on your teeth or mascara smears. Indulge if you want, just don’t start early.

Don’t overeat. It’s not the easiest day to avoid overeating, but there are ways to lessen the damage. Eat your regular breakfast and a light lunch if dinner will be late. Think of this as just dinner, not a feast. Don’t waste calories on preliminary teasers like nuts or cheese and crackers. Drink lots of water. Save the most fattening dishes for last, like sweet buttery dishes or gravy. Start with vegetables, salad and lean meat. You’ll already be a little full by the time you get to the heavy stuff. Save room for dessert. It’s something you probably don’t indulge in otherwise.

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