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Fifteen Ways to Be Silly at Halloween

Published by Lucina Mezera

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Halloween is a great season to celebrate your “inner kid.” Adults need to laugh more; it is good for our health. So let your silliness erupt at Halloween and give yourself and friends a few chuckles and some belly laughs too. Be silly, enjoy Halloween, and share some laughs with friends.

Even if you are an adult, go around to your friends’ homes with a little box from Unicef to raise funds for medical treatment for kids around the world. Get information about how to participate in Unicef’s Halloween program at: http://youth.unicefusa.org/trickortreat/
Encourage your friends and kids to help out too.

Send an e-mail to your friends with you in your silliest Halloween costume ever, even the one from when you were age 3. People like to laugh !

Get some orange spray on hair color and answer the door with shocking orange locks at Halloween.

Make Halloween treat bags to disperse to friends or work colleagues and include a little slip of paper like in fortune cookies that contains a joke or two.

Give our humorous Halloween treats like lollipops in the shape of an O for your friends who will vote for Obama.

Wear something orange every day in the week of Halloween. Have over the top Halloween spirit.

Drop off surprise gifts of pumpkins carved with endearing or funny words to friends.

Take a funny picture of yourself with a fake black tooth and a witch’s nose and send it around to friends in an e-mail.

Photoshop your face onto the body of some creature from a horror movie or someone whose physique is very recognizable like Arnold S. the muscleman Gov. of California.. Then induce laughter by sending the picture around in an e-mail …..

Paint your fingernails and toenails orange or some other unusual color. Or go for orange and black stripes or other color combos that relate to Halloween.

Cook pumpkin seeds with someone and wrap them in bags and give out as treats. Write cute words like “Boo” on the bags.

Make caramel apples and write campaign slogans for your pick for president on the wooden sticks. Amuse friends with your excess election fever.

Make M & M cookies. These tasty treats bring a smile to everyone. Spell out funny words with the M & M before you put them in to cook to amuse everyone who receives the treats.

Fill a basket with mini pumpkins, oranges, pumpkin shaped candy and other orange items and wrap an orange bow on the basket. Add a tag to the basket handle that has a funny photo or note.

Make a book or collage of funny pictures of you or friends or family from Halloweens throughout the years. Distribute the book to anyone it will make laugh.

Happy Halloween !




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