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Find Fresh Garland, Greenery, and Swags for Xmas Décor

Published by Felica Dooling

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A mantelpiece at Christmastime begs for a spray of evergreen boughs dotted with pinecones, a big festive bow, and an accent or two of flowers, berries and ornaments. Fresh Christmas swags and garlands may also grace a doorway or banister, lending the fresh smell of greenery to the entire room.

Decorators can make their own garlands and swags from trees and bushes on their property or purchased at a local florist; or they can have professionals cut, assemble, and ship real Christmas greenery to their doorstep. Following are some options for buying fresh garland and swags online.

Real Christmas Garland from a Michigan Farm

At Afreshchristmastree.com, owner Jack Urben ships fresh garlands (seen in the photo below), boughs, wreaths, and Christmas trees to decorators around the country via FedEx ground. The site’s garland choices are sold in 25-foot lengths and are available with cedar, fraser fir, white pine, and mixed fancy greens. Prices begin at $49. Shipping varies.

Deluxe Real Fir Holiday Swag

The Deluxe Fir Christmas Swag from Christmasfarms.com, pictured below, showcases a bright red bow, frosted pinecones, and a small spray of berries. Perfect on or above a front door, the swag will greet visitors in style. Price: $24.95. Free shipping.

Real Christmas Cedar Garland

Fresh smelling cedar makes a pretty aromatic garland for decorating inside and out. Lynchcreekfarm.com sells 15-foot lengths of Christmas Cedar Garlands (see photo below) for $39.95. Free shipping.


Fresh Christmas Bouquet Swag

The gorgeous Fresh Christmas Bouquet Swag from Frontgate overflows with cedar boughs, tallow berries, hydrangea, pepperberries, curly willow, pinecones, and more. Red and white roses (freeze-dried to last the entire season) accent the bouquet. Size: 18” wide by 26” high. Price: $89. Shipping: $14.

Fresh Original Magnolia Garland

Add some Southern charm into the holidays with the 10-foot-long Fresh Original Magnolia Garland from The Well Appointed House. This real garland features both the green front and copper-colored undersides of magnolia leaves for an interesting multi-colored Christmas decoration. Choose an arrival date in late November or throughout December when ordering. Price: $103.60. Shipping varies.

Decorating with fresh garlands and swags is an easy way to create Christmas cheer without much work. Use evenly spaced nails around an outside door to drape garland or wrap around a banister inside or outside. Or use cable ties or floral wire to attach to banisters and railings.

Be sure to compost real Christmas garlands or add them to the local municipality’s Christmas tree collection program after removing all decorations

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