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Five Halloween Candy Alternatives

Published by Merle Bickmore

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The time has come for those frightful little tots to fill their bags with candy. Along the way, they will get more cavities and hyped up on the sugar rush. Well, there are alternatives to this unhealthy tradition of candy collecting and munching. Listed below are five great alternatives to handing out candy on Halloween.

Party Favors

The local dollar store is a great place to purchase inexpensive party favors to hand out instead of candy. This gives the kids a thrill and avoids the candy rush. Most party favors come in packs of three to five items for one dollar. Spend $5 to $10 and you have a good size Halloween trick or treat stock.

Discount Coupons

Although this option may not be extremely thrilling to the youngsters, the parents may enjoy the treat. Some coupons may include discounts to the local movie store or restaurants; try to stay away from those unhealthy “French fry” coupons. Giving the kids coupons that could be used at a later date gives them something to look forward to after the festivities on Halloween.

Coloring Kits

This activity is fun for the entire family. All you will need is some printouts off the web, a few boxes of crayons, and sandwich baggies. First, print some coloring pages off the web. Try the following site: http://www.coloring.ws/coloring.html, they have a ton of coloring pages for children to enjoy. Next, purchase several packs of 24 count crayons. Now, fold one color page and place it in a sandwich baggie along with 2 or 3 crayons. That’s it. You now have little Trick or Treat color kits for the little ghouls to enjoy instead of candy.

Note: You could get even more creative and figure out a way to make the color page into an envelope that will hold the crayons. This would bypass the sandwich baggies and save money.

Mini Raisin Boxes

An excellent alternative to handing out candy during Halloween is miniature raisin boxes. These can be purchase at most grocery stores and are not terribly expensive. These little raisin boxes are a simple, yet tasty, way to prevent the little tikes from devouring large amounts of candy.

Movie Party

If you have the space and don’t mind children, you could plan an after Halloween movie party. On the day of Halloween, hand out home-made movie tickets for the kids to use for your After Halloween Movie Party. This is a great way to provide great homemade snacks and provide opportunities to meet new parents and kids.

The above alternatives to handing out candy will provide a healthier experience for the kids. Healthier doesn’t have to mean less fun. Children are not necessarily into Halloween for the candy, well some may be. So, try to discourage the mentality of candy stock piling during this year’s Halloween holiday.



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