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Four Steps to an Easy and Unique Halloween Party

Published by Valene Streich

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Time-Saving Party Ideas

Halloween is the ideal excuse for a good party. The masquerade of costumes, the wild make-up, and the spooky music seem perfect for letting loose. But lately Halloween parties are growing a bit stale. I keep seeing the same fake eyeball punch and popcorn stuffed plastic gloves at everyone. Throwing a unique and memorable party doesn’t take much extra time if you follow these five steps:

Step 1: Send Easier Invitations Using the Internet
To skip the hassle (and postage) of handwritten invitations, try inviting everyone electronically. Create a Facebook event for more casual parties or use Pinng to send electronic invitations that are a bit more stylish than your typical Evite. Pinng has great Halloween-themed invitations. It will take you only a few minutes to fill out the information and import your guest list, then the website takes care of sending and tracking RSVPs!

Step 2: Pick A Sub-Theme and Decorate Accordingly
The key to a unique Halloween party is to choose a specific sub-theme. For example, throwing a pirates vs. ninjas party will be a lot more unique than your typical generic Halloween party. Other ideas include a celebrity look-alike party, matching couples party, or favorite childhood cartoon party. For decorations, you simply have to print out and hang a few theme-appropriate pictures, replace a few bulbs with black lights, put up a few streamers, and call it a day! A simple black tablecloth and synthetic jack-o-lantern from your local craft store will make your table look on-theme in minutes.

Step 3: Make Simple, Unique Snacks
Schedule your party later so that you don’t have to worry about serving dinner. Serve your go-to quick snacks in Halloween-appropriate platters (found at most craft stores) to stay on theme without agonizing over making perfect spider-shaped sugar cookies. Fried mozzarella bits and red sauce in a vampire platter will take you fifteen minutes while those hand-decorated ghost cupcakes would have taken hours.

Step 4: Mix It Up With Colored Drinks
Take your favorite clear mix drinks (vodka tonics anyone?) and add food colors to easily make your drink offering on-theme. A dark red wine is also great to add a little gore to the mix. Just stay away from the eyeballs in the punch!

Hopefully these tips help you throw a Halloween party easily so you can have more time to just sit back and enjoy!



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