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Free Halloween Music Online!

Published by Lolita Terra

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Halloween isn’t Halloween without spooky sounds, scary music, and favorite songs you loved as a child. Today, there is an abundance of Halloween music out on the web that can be enjoyed for free! The music can be listened to on your computer’s media player, downloaded to your MP3 player, or burned to a CD. The choice is yours. I’ve recommended ten top websites in this article where you can go and enjoy free Halloween music as well as other Halloween activities. They are not listed in any order based on which is better than the other. All of them are equally worthy of being in the top ten. I hope you try them and have a Happy Halloween in 09!

Spooky Halloween Music– This website has 14 free Halloween songs you can download free! The songs are downloaded fast and I enjoyed sampling the songs. This site has many other Halloween themed goodies. You can find games, jokes, recipes, spooky tales, screensavers, and wallpapers.

Free Halloween Music-This is a very cool website. I like the layout and the way it is decorated with the candle lights. The free songs on this site feature Movie and TV theme music without words. You can also download scary sounds for your party. If you need some gross recipes, this is place for those too!

» » FREE Halloween Music Sounds – SCARY!-This site has 9 songs you can download free, but without words. It’s music only. There will also be a Halloween webcam of decorations you can view in October on this site.

Halloween – Free Music, Halloween Lyrics & Videos-This is a very user friendly site that offers free music, videos, and lyrics. It also allows you to create your own free playlist. Also, you can create an account by entering your email address and a password. This will give you access to 7 million songs for free! When you click on the Halloween songs you want to download, the box to create an account pops up. Don’t worry, just ignore it, the song will load and play. You don’t have to create an account unless you choose.

Halloween Sound Effects and Free Music Download-There are (82) scary music downloads available at this website! All of your favorite tunes for Halloween, plus some new ones you may not have heard. A wide variety awaits you and your Halloween party. Christmas and other holiday music are also available to download for your enjoyment. They also have theme music from TV and Movies, and a kid section of songs, nursery rhymes and other things suitable for the younger children.

More Halloween Freebies – Halloween Music-This is more of an educational website. It is geared toward “music education”. It has a few Halloween songs for download, but it has links to many other interesting sites that offer freebies for Halloween, music lessons, music theory, kid’s music, and other things. I found it unique and an interesting place to visit for many different resources.

KidsMusic.co.uk Free Halloween MP3s-This is a great resource for kid’s songs, lyrics, poems, and mp3’s for Halloween. It has detailed instructions for loading the free mp3s. This site also has items for purchase, but there are plenty of free things to download and enjoy.

Halloween wishes-This website is full of fun things for children! Along with free music downloads for Halloween, it has games, coloring pages, jokes, e-cards, clip art, videos, etc. I could stay entertained here for hours so I’m sure kids could too.

Web Spider Scary Tunes-This site is just as it says. When you get to the website, it immediately starts to play creepy, scary tunes. It spooked me. You can also purchase discount costumes, masks, movies and other items here. There are plenty of free downloads here for the more mature kids.

YouTube – free halloween downloads– Everyone is probably already familiar with the YouTube website. There is a wealth of free Halloween music and movies you can download for free at this site.

With all of these free options at your fingertips, there are no excuses not to throw a Halloween bash, play some of this scary music, fix some food, invite friends over and have a blast this Halloween!














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