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Free MySpace Halloween Layouts

Published by Lezlie Kibbler

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One of the upsides to having a MySpace account along with or instead of a Facebook account is the ability to change your MySpace layout on a whim. Now that we are coming up on Halloween you might wish to have a seasonal layout that celebrates the holiday. I have done the work for you. Below is a list of 5 sites that offer free Halloween MySpace layouts. All you need to do is choose one. Have fun!

HalloweenJoys offers 16 colorful and eye-catching MySpace Halloween layouts – all free.

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Here you will find 13 pages filled with 6-10 free Halloween layouts apiece.

ProfileKing offers 3 free Myspace Halloween layouts. Each is a simple design (ex. pumpkin) that is presented in a tiled format.

WishAFriend has a large variety of delightful free Halloween layouts. Here you will find 23 pages, each with 3 free Halloween layouts.

For those of you who are looking for more of a scary layout than a cutsie one, Satisfaction is the site for you!

Enjoy your new MySpace Halloween layout and be safe out there!




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