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Free Printable Halloween Cards

Published by Pamula Pettigrove

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10 Free Halloween Printable Cards

Printable anything is the newest rage, and printable Halloween cards are definitely a part of that. They are fun to do, and are very easy to print and color. Some of the cards don’t even need to be colored, just printed and a personal greeting added. Halloween is a great holiday for a party, so I have included a few invitations in my list as well. Here are 10 Halloween cards to delight any ghoul or ghosty! (Click each link to view the cards.)

This site has six cute little cards to print. One is a Jack-O-Lantern, and you have the choice of printing it in two ways. My favorite is the little girl in the witch costume at the bottom.

Here is an adorable card for printing. It has a spooky house, a kitty cat and ghosts swirling above. It says to print on card stock and have your child color it. The inside is blank for whatever spooky message they want to write. It is scary, yet good for little ones.

This one is a spooky pop up card to print. It is a night scene with a spooky house. Click on the house to access the .pdf file for full printing and building instructions.

If a pumpkin standing on his vines and dancing is the card you are looking for, then click here. This card is cute, and I even printed one to sample it. It prints out about the size of a 4×5 card. It says “Happy Halloween” in bright orange.

A printable party invitation with a dancing skeleton is the next selection. This is an adorable card with spaces for all the party information. You need to print the card, and then write in the party info.

A skull with a candle burning atop its head is the next selection. This one also features a little rat for company. This is another blank one that you can add your own message to.

If you feel like going a bit batty then click here. This is an eerie (yet child friendly) card with bats flying around a full moon. Boo!

This one is another haunted house; a purple haunted house. It has a bat hovering around and says, in bright orange, “Happy Halloween”.

Here is another party invitation card to print out. It is a nice one with a photograph of pumpkins with “Happy Halloween” below, and lines for the party information inside. It is in nice fall colors.

We end our card hunting expedition with a tombstone party invitation card. Click here for the link. Print it if you dare! This one is not an actual photo and is kind of cartoon-like.

Well, there you go. 10 links for any type of Halloween card you could possibly need. This was fun to research and I can’t wait to print some out for my family! I really like the little girl in the witch costume, and also the haunted house that needs to be colored. I think I will print that one, take out the color pens and have the whole family color their own haunted house! Enjoy!


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