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Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Published by Ramon Badua

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Whether seeking an easy classroom activity or entertainment for bored kids from during poor weather, coloring pages are an excellent way to keep children entertained. So many activities can be found online for free and Thanksgiving coloring pages are ideal during the holiday. Read on for tips on the best free Thanksgiving related coloring pages.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages at Crayola

Crayola.com has 17 free coloring page activities that vary in difficulty, and most children will find something suitable to color in. As well as simple coloring pictures there is also a turkey card, Thanksgiving frame, hidden picture and five bingo boards (with instructions of how to play) that will keep kids busy long after the page has been colored.

Printable Coloring Pages at ColoringPages

There are 40 free Thanksgiving coloring pages at ColoringPages.net and it should be the first stop when searching for coloring pictures as it is probably the biggest online selection. Pictures range from simple turkeys to detailed pilgrims, and the style varies from realistic drawings to cartoons. This means most kids will find something they like to decorate and color. One of the comic examples features a turkey holding a sign saying: “Eat Pork!”

Activity Village’s Free Holiday Coloring Pages for Kids

Activity Village has 18 pages that are in PDF format and regularly update them with the latest ones clearly tagged with “NEW!” in bright red. The choice of pictures includes a Happy Thanksgiving coloring card, Pumpkin Patch and Harvest Festival. Some are quite educational showing pilgrims, Thanksgiving dinner and the Mayflower – making them useful for a classroom activity.

Interactive Kaboose Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Kids will adore the Kaboose Fun Blaster coloring game that has amusing sound effects, ink droppers to virtually drop color into sections on the picture and then are eight different ones to select from. Just use the ink dropper to color the Thanksgiving pictures on a computer and print them out. Alternatively, print out a black and white drawing to physically color with crayons by clicking the printer icon and choose “Option-B Print Outlines Only.” Kaboose also has 12 other printable Thanksgiving pictures to select from, though most are already on ColoringPages.net.

Use free coloring pages and pictures to keep kids busy while learning about the Thanksgiving holiday. Print coloring pages and use them to decorate walls and bolster a child’s confidence. Coloring pages are fun, but it is important to also encourage children to color their own drawings to develop personal creative expression. Holiday coloring pages are an excellent way to introduce young kids to arts, crafts and color

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