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Free Thanksgiving Printables and Games

Published by Chas Bauernfeind

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During this busy Thanksgiving season, teachers and parents will want to consider ways to keep the kids learning about this special time of year. There are many websites that offer free printables and games for Thanksgiving, but only a few contain some really unique and educational Thanksgiving activities for children. Below are some of the best sites on the web for teaching kids about the Thanksgiving holiday while keeping them entertained and busy this November.

All Aboard the Mayflower

Teaching children about the Mayflower can be a rewarding project for families and classrooms, and there are so many interesting facts that the kids will love to learn. Teach kids about what the conditions were on the Mayflower, the history of the Pilgrim people and even how to build a model Mayflower using its original floor plan.

Mayflower activities, information and more can be found for free at the Mayflower history website, which is a truly remarkable site to learn everything there is to know about the ship, crew and arduous voyage to the new world. Kids will also find information about Plymouth and life in the 1600’s. Visitors can print out a cross-section of the Mayflower, a description of its crew and even a passenger guest list.

Thanksgiving Travel Games

Many children travel to visit family and friends during the Thanksgiving holidays, and there is no place worse than in the car to catch the boredom bug. A great way to keep the kids from getting bored and ornery on that long Thanksgiving Day trip to grandma’s house is to be prepared with some free Thanksgiving printables and games that were made just for traveling.

On the Family Education website, parents will find a list of unique and educational activities and games that can be played on a car, train or plane ride during Thanksgiving. Included in this list are instructions on how to make a before-you-go card-game board, and a “What would you do?” game set of printable question cards for older kids. Additionally, there are steps on how to play a unique travel bumper sticker game.

Other Great Thanksgiving Websites and Articles

Coloring pages, crosswords, cryptograms and more can be found at many websites across the Internet, including popular ones like DLTK, Kaboose and Family Fun. For some great ideas and Thanksgiving Day activities for kids, readers may also be interested in Thanksgiving Math for Preschoolers, Thanksgiving Gifts Kids Can Make or Thanksgiving Team Building Activities for Kids.

Keep the kids learning and busy this Thanksgiving holiday by finding some unique, free Thanksgiving printables and games for children to print and play at home, in the car or in the classroom. Supplement their already blossoming knowledge by teaching them about the Mayflower. Increase their skills in math, reading and cooperation with some fun, creative Thanksgiving Day activities and games found in the articles and websites listed above.

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