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Free Thanksgiving Screensavers: Holiday Desktop Enhancements for Personal Computers

Published by Ezra Klaphake

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This Thanksgiving season, add an inspirational message or holiday sentiment on the family computer by downloading and installing these free family-friendly computer screensavers.

Screensavers were originally intended to prevent phosphor burn-in, or screen burn, on CRT computer monitors. With current monitors, screen burn is not as problematic as it was once. Today, screensavers are used for security purposes, product or business promotion and for enjoyment and entertainment.

The following 11 screensavers offer a wide variety of Thanksgiving screensavers that are child and family-friendly and free.

1. AmericanGreetings Thanksgiving Screensavers

American Greetings has a selection of 7 lovely Thanksgiving screensavers available for Windows and Macintosh users. Screenshots and full descriptions are available for each screensaver. Quick registration is required prior to download.

2. Tnpsc Bugs Thanksgiving Jig-Saw Puzzle Screensaver

Bugs Thanksgiving Jig-Saw Puzzle Screensaver is sure to be a hit with children as well as parents. Bugs Bunny and the gang are all jumbled up. Watch as the screensaver puts them back together. This screensaver is a small download and fits all screen resolutions. Spyware and adware free.

3. Tnpsc Looney’s Thanksgiving Screensaver

This is an animated screensaver for children. The rotating 3D cubes build the image one piece at a time. Watch as the scene changes from one picture to another. Background music can be disabled. This screensaver is compatible with Windows95-XP computers and resolutions of 800 x 600. Spyware and adware free.

4. DestopTreasures.EzThemes Anne Bettes Thanksgiving Screensaver

This warm and friendly screensaver includes the holiday song, “There’s no Place like Home for the Holidays”.

5. QualitySavers Turkey Time Screensaver

This simple screensaver shows the the current date and time on a plain black background. This small download is compatible with Windows 9x-XP and is adware and spyware free.

6. Thanksgiving Snow Globe Screensaver

This warm and rich Thanksgiving screensaver by Marjie is a joyful additional to the computer.

7. Thanksgiving Greetings by Anne Vinson

A screensaver creation by Anne Vinson which includes a beautiful collection of 17 framed vintage images.

8. EZSkins Pilgrim Bunny

Pilgrim Bunny from Kim Rodriguez is a keeper with the younger crowd.

9. EZSkins I’m Outta Here

EZSkins I’m Outta Here is a screensaver even strict vegetarians will enjoy. This gobbler is trying to make a quick getaway to anywhere but the dinner table!

10. QualitySavers.to Turkey Dance 2

This transparent screensaver shows animated turkeys dancing across the monitor. Adware and spyware free.

11. Screensavers-tlc Turkeys

This small screensaver installs random squawking turkeys across the monitor. Sound can be disabled. Compatible with Win9x-XP.

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