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Free Useful Family History Research

Published by Quincy Critcher

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Family history can be an expensive past time. Purchasing certificates and the cost of subscription websites like Ancestry and paying for research can really add up. The following websites are completely free to use and can be a valuable asset to any family history researcher.

Free Family History Resources

Australian Dictionary of Biography Online Edition

This resource is useful for the family history researcher who had ancestor who played some role in Australian history. Ranging from farmers, missionaries to convicts it is well worth a look for anyone researching their Australian family history or even some just with an interest in Australian history.

Australian Newspapers Digitisation Project

This resource allows you to search over 17 million articles for your ancestor online. Articles are from newspapers all over Australia and include major newspapers such as:

● The Sydney Morning Herald

● The Argus

● The Mercury

● Northern Territory Times and Gazette

● Brisbane Courier

Grevilles Post Office Directory

The Grevilles Post Office Directory provides information on people living in Australia in 1871. Names can be search by using the search page option or looking through the A-Z of names list. It provides the name, occupation and the place where the person was living. It is predominately male but there are females listed.

Inquest 1881-1890

This website provides inquest records for the Western part of NSW. It can be searched through the alphabetical list or through the search box. The information includes the name, the date of inquest, age, place of birth, place of death, cause of death and value of property of the deceased.

Australian Cemeteries Index

This website provides information and photos from a variety of cemeteries from across Australia. It provides easily searchable information off the headstone and provides a picture of the headstone to view and click on yourself. Information that can be found from these records are the name, age, date of death and information about the family of the deceased.

Free Family History Researchers


Rootschat is a huge website, full of information and friendly people willing to do free lookups for you from a variety of resources. There is a special section dedicated completely too Australian family history research and many more sections for family history research needs. You need to join the forum to post.

Uncloseted Skeletons

This is a smaller forum but the members, especially the manager, are dedicated for to helping the researcher dig up particularly difficult to find relatives. To get free family history research all that is needed is to join the forum and post in the lookups section.

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