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French Country Christmas Decorating: Ideas to Add Provencal Style to Your Holiday Home

Published by Darryl Kehm

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Nothing says home quite like French country style. It’s relaxed yet charming, with classic elements and colors. At Christmastime, homeowners can transform an entire space filled with sentimentality using French country elements. Even homes decorated in a contemporary design can benefit from a few French Country touches. Here are some French country decorating ideas for Christmas.

Glass Ornaments

Christmas trees decorated in a French country style often have glass ornaments in primary colors. Typically there are fewer ornaments, larger in size, spread generously over the entire tree without making it over-cluttered. A few beautiful pieces, like glass ornaments in blue, red, or green, that stand out trump too many ornaments that differ widely in design and style.

A good example of French country ornaments is shown in the Pierre Deux catalog. Specifically, the “Three French Hens” design show a touch of whimsy along with a festive style.

Provencal Fabrics

Regardless of which type of decorating style is normally used in a home, using Provencal fabrics with bold colors can transform a home into French country style. A table runner, basket insert, or tree skirt using vibrant colors and bold prints are easy ways to add some flare to the holiday scheme.

Another way to add a French country element is by using a Provencal fabric to tie around an existing pillow. Even those without sewing skills can pull this look off in just minutes.


French Country Patterns

Patters such as roosters, lavender, and sunflowers are all popular French country design elements. Various colors of toile, a type of material that contains country life scenes, is also widely shown in French country homes. Making simple changes, such as hanging new pictures with French country designs can make homeowners feel as if they have transformed their space during the holidays.

Wrought Iron Accents

Wrought iron elements are used frequently in French country design. Things like baskets, candle holders, or Christmas wall hangings can add just the right touch without costing a great deal of money or being overdone.

Flowers in Pitchers

Christmas flowers, like poinsettias, can be cut and placed in pewter pitchers for a French country look on the dining room table. Adding in a few pieces of clay or pottery can also create the feel of Provence.

French country elements can create a homey touch that looks at ease and down to earth. Decorating a home in these types of elements for the holidays will help homeowners who want a more subtle Christmas touch achieve the right balance between comfort and design.

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