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Fun Christmas Stories For Children: ‘Roof Top Hop’ and ‘Humbug’

Published by Lillia Carpenito

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Sitting on the couch with freshly scrubbed, sweet-smelling children in their flannel jammies is one of winter’s delights. Add a fun book to that, and the night reaches perfection. While young and old alike love the comfort of traditional, well-known stories, there’s nothing like discovering a new favorite seasonal treat.

How Does Santa Cool Down His Feet After His Trip Down The Chimney?

Those blessed with inquisitive little ones know a new question is just a second away. Perhaps the little one is struggling with understanding how Santa can come down the chimney with a fire in the fireplace.

Well, the multi-media Mr. Holidays Presents The Roof Top Hop will explain that for you. The book’s lead character, Mr. Holidays, celebrates Christmas all year long and simply can’t keep a delicious secret. Mr. Holidays shares the secret dance that Santa performs on roof tops to cool his smoldering feet once he reaches the safety of the roof.


The book has an accompanying CD and DVD that show Mr. and Mrs. Claus demonstrating the “Roof Top Hop” in hip-hop, bebop and rock ‘n’ roll fashion. The CD allows little ones to learn the dance that Santa does in the snow (or at least in the cool of the roof) after he exits each house that has a fire he must combat in order to leave toys under the tree.

The book is written by Michael Sheehan, a retired New York City policeman who is also an award-winning songwriter and musician with his own entertainment company, Finest Music, with offices in New York and Nashville.

The book is brightly illustrated by Doug Wright.

The package also has coloring pages that can be downloaded and printed out.

The book, CD, DVD combination is available at Barnes and Noble, Ingram Book outlets and online at mrholidayssongs.com. The cost for all is $19.99 plus shipping and handling.

Humbug Cookies Might Make Even Ebeneezer Scrooge Smile

According to the foreword Scrooge wrote for Humbug: A Christmas Carol, Scrooge does not believe in humbugs. However, Lee Baker, president of Sandman Studios and author of the book, does and he presents a reassuring “fact” for those children who fear that Santa might not be able to find their houses.

Prior to the publication of Humbug: A Christmas Carol, it was not known that the magical humming of humbugs can attract Santa’s reindeer. So, no matter how foggy or snowy the night, Santa’s reindeer pulling his sleigh can hone in on a humbug’s humming and fly straight to it.

An orphan girl takes a magical humbug to the town of Winterton, where everyone has ice in their hearts and on their faces. Since the humbug hums, it draws the reindeer, and the orphan girl brings Christmas back to Winterton and warms the entire town.

Humbug: A Christmas Carol introduces cookies families can decorate together on Christmas Eve with frosting and marshmallows for eyes. Humbug cookies are a natural to leave out for Santa, who must be weary and hungry after all his work and to whom children wish to express their love.

Humbug: A Christmas Carol can be purchased for $15.95 in stores or ordered online from humbugchristmas.com. Illustrators for Humbug are Kienan Lafferty and Andrew Young.

So in the interest of creating new Christmas traditions, “The Roof Top Hop” and “Humbug: A Christmas Carol” offer music and dance for the holidays.

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