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Fun DIY Halloween Party Favors

Published by Tona Bernstrom

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Here are three fun DIY Halloween Party favors you can give to guests. Some even engage the guests in the activity.

Funny and Scary Pumpkins

Like to carve pumpkins? How about decorating them? Well carving or decorating mini pumpkins can serve as a great decoration for your Halloween party. Mini pumpkins can be found in grocery store in the harvest season for under $1 each. Buy many of these pumpkins and decorate them using stencils, markers, crafts and carvings. Guests can even get in the fun and each decorate their own to take home.

In order to set up a DIY mini pumpkin decoration table, you’ll need the following supplies:


Craft Glue

Acrylic Paints

Small Paintbrushes

Glitter Glue

Googly Eyes

Tissue Paper

Allow guests to create their own mini pumpkins as a take home party favor.

Caramel Apple Station:

Another DIY table you can set up for guests to create their own yummy apples. Set up a crock-pot of caramel and a crock-pot of liquid candy apple. You can even have a crock-pot of chocolate, either white, milk or dark. Have freshly picked apples available from the harvest. Guests will stick a pointed, thick dowel in the apple and proceed to dip it in the sweet, gooey sauce of their choice. Have several bowls available with yummy types of food to be sprinkled on the wet apples. Such foods include crushed peanuts, crushed peanut brittle, sprinkles, crushed Oreos, coconut or any other option that you think would work. After guests sprinkle their apples, have several cooling trays available for them to place their apples. Have them write their names with Sharpies on the dowels. Place cellophane bags by the cooling racks so they can take their apples home as they leave.

Trail Mix Trick-or-Treat Bags:

Both children and adults alike enjoy trick-or-treating. However, the majority of food that is given out is candy, which means lots of sugar and bad nutrition. Instead, create a healthy snack guests can take home in cute little Halloween bags. Mix several batches of pumpkin trail mix. It can include anything you like, but here is a recipe idea you might like.

Ingredients needed:

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Spice






Mix all of these ingredients in a bowl, making sure to get an even mix of each item. Sprinkle with pumpkin spice and cinnamon. You can even add Splenda if you want an added touch of sweet to the mix. Separate into small Halloween bags and tie with twistie ties.


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