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Fun & Easy Edible Thanksgiving Centerpiece Projects

Published by Jackson Collyer

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Families traditionally feature various foods as part of the bounty they enjoy each Thanksgiving holiday, but it is usually out in the bowls, or heaped on plates, and not necessarily decorating the center of the table. Although some people do have a cornucopia (or basket filled with fruit and flowers) out during the holidays, there are other edible centerpieces a family can make that will help them stand apart.

Make Food Centerpieces Together as a Family

All it takes to make these projects is a little creativity, along with the fresh produce of the season. The result is a festive centerpiece that is cute, bright, kid friendly, and yes, even edible.

Pineapple Turkey

This could be the simplest trick ever, making a ripe pineapple, with its full fluffy leaves and natural fall colors, into a turkey.

  1. Lay the pineapple on a platter on its side, so the long leaves represent a turkey tail, and the spiny gold, green and brown skin are like the turkey’s feathers.
  2. Cut and trace two identical S-shaped pieces, and one small triangle, from red and orange construction paper… or felt.
  3. Glue the orange triangle and a toothpick (or bamboo skewer) to one side of the red S-shape. Attach the other side.
  4. Anchor this simple turkey head to the pineapple, by inserting the pointy side of the pick into the fuit’s skin.

Voila: a simple and amusing fruit centerpiece! After dinner, it can be cut up and served to guests.

Crispy and Sweet Dessert Turkeys

Families love to make gooey treats out of their crisped rice cereal. With this holiday recipe the crispy treat is enhanced with pretzels and candy corn. The end product is an adorable, edible, and sweet turkey. Put a few on a plate as a centerpiece…and eath them later as a nice alternative to the usual pumpkin pie desserts.

Apple Swans

Imagine a gaggle of fruited swans swimming on the holiday table. Check out You Tube for a video lesson on turning apples into swans.

These lively red fruit figurines can stand alone, or in a lake of lettuce, out on the center of the table. Apple swans also make a festive addition to any meat platter that may be set out for the holiday meal.

Butternut Squash Pilgrims

With a narrow top, much like a head, and a rounder bottom much like hips, a butternut squash has a vaguely humanoid shape. That’s why turning one into a pilgrim guy (or gal) is so simple. Just stand one up, decorate it, and top it off with the gender appropriate hat.

  1. Use a marker to draw eyes, nose and a smile near the top of the squash.
  2. Add some yarn as hair and tape or glue around top stem.
  3. Take a small length of ribbon (about 5″) and drape it around the center of the squash, taping it in back where it overlaps.
  4. Next, fold a white paper napkin in half horizontally, then in half again. Tuck one half under the ribbon and flop the other half over, forming a little apron.
  5. Complete the pilgrim lady with a paper bonnet. Directions are here for making the bonnet from a single sheet of paper, using origami folds.

Hint: be sure to clean and cook the squash if you intend to eat it as well as display it.

Centerpieces that Beckon People to the Table

Any of these projects make unconventional centerpieces. They are sure to amuse family members before the holiday meal–and probably at the table as well. The children present at the festivities will glow with pride, knowing they helped make such lovely decor…and enjoy eating it later.

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