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Fun Halloween Cookbooks

Published by Agustin Hayth

Kitty Litter Cake”. (No one will be able to forget the delectable “nuggets” hidden away in that cake, I can promise you that!)

Here are some of my personal favorite Halloween cookbooks that include recipes unlike any you have ever seen before!

Gross-Out Cakes: The Kitty Litter Cake and Other Classics, by Kathleen Barlow

If you love to scare people on Halloween, you need only to bake any of the gross-out cakes found in the Halloween cookbook. This cookbook contains over 60 pages filled with some of the most original cake ideas you’ve ever seen. Learn how to bake the infamous “Kitty Litter Cake“, or perhaps the “Open Wound Cake“. These gross-out cakes may sound and look disgusting, but they are completely edible and oddly enough 100% delicious! Each recipe comes with a full-color photograph of the finished cake, so you’ll know just how your gross-out cake should look when it’s done.

Your cake will be the talk of the bake sale! Imagine bringing a tasty “Blood Clot Cake” into work for a delicious Halloween treat. This is one very original Halloween cookbook! To purchase this Halloween cookbook, CLICK HERE to be taken directly to the purchase page at Amazon.com?

Ghoulish Goodies: Monster Eyeballs, Fudge Fingers, Spidery Cupcakes, and Other Frightful Treats, by Sharon Bowers

The only problem with this Halloween cookbook, is deciding which recipe to make first. The colorful photographs, and easy to follow recipes make the “Ghoulish Goodies” cookbook something you will use time and time again.

Make delicious chocolate monster eyeballs filled with creamy peanut butter. Create tempting orange popcorn balls, that are oozing with gummy worms. All the recipes in this Halloween cookbook are absolutely perfect for the holiday, and the recipes are fun to use for bake sales, fall festivals, and Halloween parties.

Available at low price of less than $ 12.00, this Halloween cookbook is a keeper! CLICK HERE to be taken directly to the purchase page at Amazon.com

Extreme Halloween: The Ultimate Guide to Making Halloween Scary Again, by Tom Nardone

This is a great Halloween cookbook, but it is also so much more. This book includes several frightenly fantastic recipes, including directions on how to make a bleeding cake, but it also has fun Halloween party planning and decorating tips as well.

Step into the demented mind of Tom Nardone, author of “Extreme Halloween”. Follow his simple advice on making Halloween costumes, creating tempting party food, fooling your friends with fun Halloween pranks, and much more.

This one book will be your “go to guide” for all things Halloween. CLICK HERE to be taken directly to the purchase page at Amazon.com.

Our Favorite Halloween Recipes Cookbook , by Gooseberry Patch?

This inexpensive Halloween cookbook includes 128 pages of easy to follow recipes the entire family will enjoy. These are all traditional Halloween recipes that include cakes, cupcakes, cookies, popcorn balls, and more. In addition to great baking recipes, you’ll also find fun meal ideas including spider pizza!

The best part of the Halloween cookbook? The price! Find this 2016 released cookbook for less than $ 6.00. That’s an exceptional price for a book with so many recipe and meal ideas. CLICK HERE to be taken directly to the purchase page at Tower.com.

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