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Fun Halloween Games for Kids

Published by In Sotello

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Halloween Party Games for Kids

Celebrate the last night of October with these fun Halloween games for kids. These Halloween games for kids are ideal for parties to make Halloween night one filled with laughter, fun and mystery.

Halloween Games for Kids – Build a Costume

Dig out some of your favorite Halloween songs to for this fun Halloween game for kids. Divide the children into small groups. Each group will select a child to wear a Halloween costume. All other members of the group will be responsible for dressing their teammate with a costume. Each member of the team needs to add one component to the costume.

Each group should have the same costume with specific instructions on how to put the costume on. The contest begins when the Halloween song begins to play and ends when you shut it off. The team with the most complete costume wins.

Fun Halloween Games for Kids – Jump the Glow Stick

Another fun Halloween party game for kids is a twist on an old favorite. Instead of a lighted candle, place a glow stick in a candle holder. Party guests must jump over a glow stick. The first player to knock the glow stick over is out. After each group successfully jumps over the glow stick, add another to make the game more challenging. The play continues until one party guest remains.

Floating Words Game Another Fun Halloween Game for Kids

Let your guests create their own spooky story with this fun Halloween game.

Place several laminated words relating to Halloween in a big bucket of water. If a laminator is not available, consider writing words with a permanent marker on cut up plastic lids. Encourage kids to develop a scary Halloween story using the floating words. Words can be rearranged in the water to create a story. Encourage party guests to share their story when done.

Fun Halloween Game – Pin up the Wacky Witch

A new spin on the Pin the Tail on the Donkey, this fun Halloween game for kids utilizes a witch for guests to stick a hat or broom to. Use a large piece of paper to create a wacky looking witch and tape to the wall. Cut out several black hats and brooms. Let each child place their initial on their hat and broom. Place double stick tape to the back side of each hat and broom.

Blindfold each guest and spin around three time while encouraging all guests to chant, “1 2 3 where will your wacky witch be?”. The blindfolded child will then attempt to place the broom and hat in their proper spot. Give the guests with their broom and at the closest to where they should be a special gift bag full of Halloween treats.

Make your next Halloween memorable with these fun Halloween games for kids. Most of the games can be put together with supplies and materials you may already have around the house making them an affordable way to create a fun time for your children and their friends.



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