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Fun Halloween Games You Make for Kids

Published by Inocencia Mcgaha

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Make Your Own Halloween Games

Kids love to trick-or-treat, but while they’re waiting to go, they can be pretty antsy. Create some fun Halloween games for them and they’ll be having too much fun to worry about how much longer they have to wait to go trick-or-treating. In fact, these games are so much fun they might just forget all about hunting for candy!One easy but exciting game for kids is to align several pumpkins in a row. Five or six pumpkins are ideal for this game but you might want to use fewer for smaller kids.

Number the pumpkins 1 through 6 (adjust this for fewer pumpkins) and leave a small space between each one. Create a starting line with tape or something else. Kids stand behind the starting line and toss a hula hoop (or something else large and circular). The object of the game is to get the hula hoop around the number 6 pumpkin. Kids get a particular prize, depending upon which pumpkin they encircle with the hoop, with prizes rising in value or interest as the numbers increase. For example, if a child throws the hoop and encircles pumpkin number 1 they might get one piece of candy, but encircling pumpkin number 6 gives them 6 pieces of candy.

Create the prizes or gifts you want to give away. There are variations to the game. Instead of every child being a winner the prize can go to the child who can encircle all 6 pumpkins, in sequence. The child must first encircle pumpkin 1, then pumpkin 2, and so on, without mistakes. A fun and easy game for young kids is a picture matching game.

Cut cards from paper and use stickers or other images as the cards. Make 2 each of pumpkin cards, skeleton cards, witch cards, and so on. Make as many as you want but keep in mind the age of the children. Use less cards, of course, for young children. The game is played like a memory game. The first child turns over two cards to see if they match. If they don’t the child simply turns the cards back over and lets the next child take his or her turn. If the cards do match, when flipped over, the child removes those two cards, places them in his or her pile, and takes another turn. This child will continue taking another and another turn, so long as he or she makes a match. This game is simple yet fun for all ages.

Cut out several pumpkin shapes from orange construction paper for the next game. The pumpkins don’t have to be identical. From black construction paper cut eyes, mouth, nose, hat or other things that will go well with the pumpkins. Take turns blindfolding the kids and let them pick features out of a bag. They will try to attach eyes and other features to the proper position on the pumpkins. There should be a pumpkin, and a bag of features, for each child. The child will pull one feature out of the bag and try to figure out what it is, then attempt to properly position it on the pumpkin with tape or glue stick. The glue or tape can be put on by another person, after the player pulls the feature out of the bag. This game is hilarious and will guarantee laughs from the kids. Cut black cats, pumpkins or another Halloween image from construction paper. Hide the cats or pumpkins just like you would Easter eggs. Choose one room of the house, or an area outside, to hide the image.

Choose only one image, though, like black cats. The child who finds the most black cats wins. Variations include giving a prize away for the largest cat, the smallest cat or another particular cat. Here’s a new take on an old game: place Halloween related items in a jar. You’ll find lots of inexpensive items at a dollar theme store. You can also make your own items by using construction paper to cut out pumpkins and other images. Place about 15 items in the jar. Each kid should have a piece of paper and a pencil.

Dump the items out onto a table, set a timer for one minute, then gather up the items and place them back in the jar. Kids should not be able to see into the jar. Each child should then write down as many items as he can remember. The person who writes the most correct items on his paper will win a prize. This game takes only a minute to put together and you can use all sorts of things from around the house. Some items you could use include a piece of Halloween candy, a small dog bone or even a miniature broom.

Create other items by cutting images from magazines or making them from clay. Kids love Halloween but don’t worry yourself listening to them ask you again and again if it’s time to go trick-or-treating. Instead, keep them busy with these fun games and the time will fly by. You’ll be less stressed and the kids will be laughing and having loads of fun!



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