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Fun Halloween: Host a Dog Party

Published by Jack Pfeifle

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Unique Halloween Party for Your Friends and Their Dogs

Halloween is always such a fun time to do things just a little out of the ordinary. So how about making a list of your friends who have dogs and think whether those dogs are well-mannered. I’d suggest from five to 10 dogs, depending upon your space and the size of the dogs. Now your are ready to invite the dogs/friends for a few hours of fun and games. Here we go!

First of all I’d put a rough outline of the party you’d like to have on paper. Figure out a date, time and place and who you will be inviting.

Then you will need decorations, food, and some activities. You must decide whether you want your guests and/or their dogs to come in costume.

I would try to come up with some cute invitations and I’d mail them to the dog, and then it’s owner.

Suggestions or ideas
Are you tired of being home in the dog house? You could use your choice of dog house for the invitation.
Are you and your owner in the mood for Halloween Tricks and Treats? You could use a bone shape – or you could go on-line for suggestions to suit your idea.
Do you lead a dog’s life? Come out and have some fun! You could use a big old sad-looking dog and then maybe it could open up to show the dog smiling.

Try to think of friends who have a variety of dogs. This will make the party more fun. However, if you have little space, it’s probably best not to have 10 St. Bernards!

I’d scour the pet aisle for fun things to use. I’m sure there are discount areas in your city that you could pick up some cute pet dishes – or you could attach stickers or some other sort of decor. I’d use the pet dishes for both pets and guests. For a take-home treat, I’d get it for the dog. That would probably make both dog and guest pleased.

If you have a big space you could play games such as putting a snack at the other end of the backyard and see which dog will get there first. Or you could have them each do a trick. Or you could have a little doggie show and take lots of photos with guests and pets.

You could possibly look in the kids area to find paper cups and plates decorated with dogs – if that’s your choice. If not, look on-line.

I’d have each guest tell a story about their pet. Maybe you could have a vote and have a winner.

To top it off, perhaps there is a hospital or an agency who would love it if you all brought your dogs in costume. You could give out little treats wrapped like doggie treats.

The snack treat “puppy chow” would be a fun snack and it tastes great too.

Good luck with your dog-Halloween party. Remember, this type of party could be hosted any time of the year with other options.



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