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Fun Halloween Party for Seniors

Published by Irina Spinoza

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Roaring ’20s Halloween Party for Seniors

I know you’re still a party animal, and that’s why these Halloween party ideas for seniors are perfect for you. You can have a little trick or treat fun right in your own home, residential activity center, or your local community center. Most importantly, you can throw this party with very little financial expense on your part. Here is a back in time themed party called The Roaring 20’s Halloween Party, and I have included your food selections, movies, activities, and other important information for this party.

Theme: The Roaring 20s Halloween Party

This theme is based on the era of the 1920’s. In this era you find that women are starting to break free of convention. This era is marked by the flappers, protests, speak easies, and long cigars.

What your guest should wear:

Your guest should where 1920’s style clothing. For the women, this will include short skirts that show the knees. These skirts can be pleated or without pleats, and can be figure fitting or not. Men should wear suits, preferably with bowties and white hats. Ask you guest to accentuate any of their outfits with Halloween colors like orange, black, or green.

Food Selections:

Here is where you can save some money. You should make this Halloween party for seniors a potluck or a fish fry. Either way, each guest should bring their favorite Halloween themed dishes. However, if you’re wanting to provide the food for the party here is some suggestions.

Fried Black Widow Squash is a fun recipe along with Upside Down Orange Ghost Rice.

For Dessert you can try delicious Pumpkin Role Cakes.

Another favorite of mine is Halloween Curry Fried Cabbage.

Movies Selections:

Family Friendly:

Adams Family Values (PG-13)

Corpse Bride (PG)

Black and White Movie Suggestions:

Alfred Hitchcock the Birds

Alfred Hitchcock the Man Who Knew Too Much

Really Scary Movie Suggestion:

The Ring

The Grudge

1920’s Movie Suggestion:

Laurel and Hardy Movie Still Photo Double Whoopee 1929

Hallelujah 1929


Rummy Tile


Old Maid

I hope you enjoy The Roaring 1920’s Halloween Party Ideas. Now make sure to send out your invitations. On the invitations, make sure to put the theme of the party, what guest should wear, whether or not it will be a full course meal served or a pot luck, and of course, put the date the party will be held. I hope your Roaring 1920 Party will be a hit with your friends and family. Happy Halloween!



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