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Fun Halloween Project: Halloween Deck of Cards

Published by Nelson Misik

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Halloween is an awesome time to come up with creative projects for kids of all ages. Why not create your own deck of Halloween playing cards? After all, 13 is the banner number of Halloween and each of the four suits has lucky 13 cards!

You can turn making a Halloween deck of playing cards into a family activity for all ages. If you have very young children, you might want to draw character outlines on the cards ahead of time, and have them just color or paint them in. They’ll learn to count as they color each card in a suit; two through10.

If your kids are a bit older, have them draw their own characters on the Halloween deck of playing cards. With all the new art supplies out there, this could easily turn into an hour or more project full of creative opportunities for them!

So, what if you want to make a Halloween deck of playing cards but are my age? (Let’s just say an adult and leave it at that!) Gather copies of photos of family and friends and have yourself a wicked good time turning them into witches, vampires, Frankenstein monsters, etc. to adorn your face cards with. What cooler face cards could you have!?

If you aren’t into drawing Halloween characters on the rest of the cards, go to your local craft store and buy bat, pumpkin, ghost, spider, crow, etc. stickers to adorn your Halloween deck of cards with. I guarantee you will have a ghoulish time assembling your playing card deck!

Here are my ideas for the themes of each suit and card in a truly fiendish Halloween deck of cards:

Kings: Vampires or Frankenstein monsters

Queens: Witches, of course! (Hearts and Diamonds could be good witches and Spades and Clubs could be wicked witches.)

Jacks: Jack-o’-lanterns, of course! Their eyes could be in the shape of each suit symbol (Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs).

Aces: Haunted places (Castles, mansions, caves, libraries).

Cards 2-10 of Hearts: Legion of trick-or-treat bags or tombstones.

Cards 2-10 of Diamonds: Legion of ghosts or mummies.

Cards 2-10 of Spades: Legion of bats or black cats.

Cards 2-10 of Clubs: Legion of crows or spiders.

There you have it! Ideas for 13 wickedly delicious cards for each of the four suits in your wickedly cool Halloween playing card deck!

Source: My own twisted mind



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