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Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Easy Ideas for Children to Have Fun During the Holidays

Published by Prince Nakanishi

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Autumn is in full swing. Thanksgiving crafts are fun and easy and Hours of fun can be had with just a little creativity. Read on for ideas!

Fall Leaf Art

Autumn leaves are gorgeous with their rich variety of colors. Take a nature walk and pick up interesting or particularly colorful leaves. Make sure they are dry and clean, and arrange them into designs. Make animals and birds and pretty scenes with all the different leaf shapes.

Hand Turkeys

Hand turkeys are a Thanksgiving craft classic. Have thechild put their non-dominant hand on a piece of paper, then trace it, slowly and carefully. The thumb is the head of the turkey, and the fingers are the tail feathers. Add feet, a beak, eyes, and wings and plenty of color and patterns to complete the turkey. For more fun, add feathers made out of leaves.

Thanksgiving Place Mats

Place mats are an easy Thanksgiving craft. Just take strips of construction paper, and weave them together in a criss-cross pattern. Use different colors for a pretty checkered pattern. The criss-cross design might confuse younger children, so be sure to help them if they need it. Affix the ends with glue so that the placemat doesn’t fall apart.

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

This craft is fun and helps the birds during winter. Gather pine cones on a nature walk. Make sure they are large and not spiky. Tie some yarn to the ends so they can be hung up. Use a plastic knife to apply peanut butter all over the pine cone, then roll it in a tray with birdseed in it. The birdseed will stick to the peanut butter. Hang them up outside where birds will find them.

Thanksgiving Paper Chains

Make strips of construction paper and write down something to give thanks for on each one. When they are done, link them together with tape. They can be made into decorations and hung about the house or classroom. Try alternative colors or enhancing the chains with glitter glue and other craft materials.

Thanksgiving Turkeys

There are many ways to make craft turkeys. A pine cone, stuffed paper lunch bag, or even a plastic cup can be used as the body, and tail feathers can be made using leaves, feathers, or construction paper. Make a head with construction paper or acorns. Add googly eyes and glitter to give the turkey some personality. These turkeys make great centerpieces for the dinner table.

Have Fun Over the Holiday

These Thanksgiving crafts are sure to brighten any child’s face and will add some festive, handmade decor to the house. Try them out at home or in the classroom to celebrate the spirit of the holiday.

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