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Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Work

Published by Jeanmarie Tushoski

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Halloween is often forgotten among career minded adults. In the workplace this holiday often goes by without any type of festivities. This article will address ten ways to make the workplace a fun and festive environment on Halloween.

The first tip is to organize a potluck. Every holiday has it’s own interesting and exciting foods along with it. Most of Halloween is candy and deserts, but if everyone pitches in you can have plenty of delicious food for everyone to enjoy. Plan this at least two weeks in advance and provide reminders to participants. It will provide a chance fr everyone to get together and enjoy sharing traditions.

Office attire is often stuffy and boring. Use Halloween as a chance to give employees an opportunity to express themselves. The easiest way to do this is allow employees to dress up for Halloween at work. Be sure to put aside office policy for this day. Employees will enjoy dressing up as long as it’s done in good taste. You can even hold a costume contest and provide the winner with a free lunch or gift certificate.

If you work in a customer based business you can provide small treats and bag candy for your customers. Even adults enjoy candy and it will be a hit with your customers. Be sure to buy and bag the candy a few days ahead of time. Recruit some employees to help with this.

A fun activity would be to create a chain story. This is a story that uses multiple people to each write a paragraph or two to create a story. Have each employee take five minutes out of work to add their paragraphs to a scary story. At the end of the day have everyone gather around and read the story back. These are often times hilarious and everyone will enjoy them.

If you’ve organized a party one good activity is a pumpkin carving contest. Have people volunteer and see who can carve the best pumpkin. Pumpkins are fairly inexpensive and it will be a good way to see the employees personality come out. You can even do this a few days before Halloween and use the pumpkins to decorate the office.

Another activity could be bobbing for apples. All you need is a cooler filled with water and a bag or so of apples. It provides a fresh snack and entertainment for all who participate. This is probably best done during an after hours party though. It will tend to ruin any make up or hair styles of anyone who participates.

Decorating for the holidays will lighten the mood at work. Pumpkins are a favorite for Halloween. However, you can use corn husks or even have employees draw up their own decorations and hang them as well.

Some businesses organize outings for the office. There are a lot of attractions on Halloween, but it is important to find something that will appeal to everyone. Not everyone will enjoy haunted attractions. One simple option is a hay ride. A lot of farms hold hay rides on Halloween and they are usually open to the public. Corn mazes are another good option.

A gift exchange is a nice idea for Halloween in the office. If there isn’t time for a party participants can draw a name from a hat and provide a sample from one of their personal Halloween traditions. For example, popcorn balls or a homemade caramel apple.

A mystery scenario would be a great idea for celebrating Halloween at work. It could be a small version of a murder mystery party. Give each employee a role and provide clues and hints throughout the work place. Provide a prize for the people who solve the mystery by the end of the day.



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