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Funniest Halloween Memory

Published by Jennifer Hammerly

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How the Scare of My Life, was Funny

One Halloween when I was ten years old I got the surprise of a lifetime, and the prankster got the scare of his lifetime. My father, however, got the laugh of a lifetime. It was by far one of the funniest memories of Halloween I have, and I have tried to re-create it many times from the other side.

Every year we would cover all the houses in our neighborhood then hit the neighborhood across the street. It was the first house in the neighborhood across the street that it all went down. I was dressed as Pippy Longstocking complete with red wig sticking straight out the side of my head. I had a blue pillowcase as a dress and long red and white striped socks. To complete my Pippy costume I had drawn freckles on my cheeks. My friend was dressed as a blue princess. She had a long shimmery blue dress, sparkly blue crown and a blue sapphire wand. We were so cute!

We approached the house, and our eyes lit up with joy. The house was dark, but on the porch sat a scarecrow with a bowl in his lap. The sign atop the bowl said “Sorry, we are not home…please take one piece.” Being kids we reached both hands in to the bowl grabbing as much candy as possible. Blow pops, Hershey bars, Dum Dums the bounty was endless!

Then, out of nowhere a voice said “I said take one piece!” The scarecrow sprung to life and grabbed my friend. I looking around for an escape, and seeing none I simply jumped off the front porch. A good six foot drop into bushes seemed far less scary than the scarecrow. I landed with my rear-end up in the bushes, my strip legs kicking fiercely to get upright, and my wig tangled in the limbs.

By the time I managed to get out of the bush I could see my friend had been set free. The scarecrow was leaning over the railing with his hand over his mouth, and my dad was bent over laughing. My friend has tears on her cheek, and I was pale with fright. I am sure the scarecrow felt horrible at the sight of two terrified cute little girls, but it was the perfect Halloween prank. I have tried many times to pull it off myself, but have been unable…maybe this year!

This is by far the funniest Halloween memory I have, and I learned a great lesson from it. If a sign says take on piece only take one piece!



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