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Funny Halloween Costumes for a Group of Men: Ideas for Amusing Halloween Fancy Dress Outfits Based on Pop Stars

Published by Alverta Soder

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Halloween costumes don’t need to be scary to make everyone smile. These clever outfits based around all male and mixed sex pop groups can be used throughout the year, not just on October 31st. Choose a famous band from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s to make an entrance as a group of 3, 4 or 5 men. Women can join in the fun too by dressing up as men or just pick a mixed band to suit everyone.

Scary Halloween Costumes for Men

Think of the 70s and punk rock springs to mind. Famous punk rock bands are perfect to emulate for Halloween so here are some suggestions:

  • Sex Pistols – Dress up as Johnny Rotten or Sid Vicious with safety pins in the hair, nose and mouth. Dye your hair yellow or black and find the scruffiest clothes imaginable. No fangs or crazy contact lenses required here to look the part!
  • Kiss – Apply heavy white face paint and lots of thick black eyeliner to look like lead singer Paul Stanley and scare the party to death.
  • Stranglers – Dress in black, look mean and carry a noose for an amusing take on this iconic group from the punk rock era.

Funny Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

Groups of gay or straight men might like to consider these “camp” pop groups as a hilarious opportunity to dress up and add some real bling. Consider these favorite stars:

  • Pet Shop Boys – For a male duo who just love to dress in weird and wonderful costumes, the Pet Shop Boys are an inspiration and their infectious music is sure to get everyone on the dance floor so be sure to take along some of their music to the party.
  • Queen – Dress one man as Freddy Mercury and the rest as queens, complete with crowns, for a fun, camp way of celebrating Halloween. Add some crazy coloured contact lenses for extra special effects with the eyes!

Icons like Elton John can be portrayed by a group using one person as the flamboyant star and the rest as his band of groupies, the more the merrier.

Halloween Outfit Ideas for Men or Women

Dress up as one of these famous pop groups from the 70’s using just a wig and some tight-fitting pants with kick flares and platform shoes:

  • Jackson Five – Perfect as a tribute to the late Michael Jackson and so easy with a black curly wig.
  • Bee Gees – Wear white pants and shirts, shaggy wigs and practice strutting like John Travolta in the film Staying Alive.
  • Abba – Always a favourite group and an easy one for a group of men or women to imitate. These outfits can also be used all year round for any fancy dress party not just Halloween.

Group Halloween Costumes

Famous pop groups, especially those from the 70’s and 80’s, make funny fancy dress outfits that can be used all year and not just at Halloween. Pick your favourite from one of our suggestions and dress up for some real fun.

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