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Funny Halloween Memories

Published by Jerri Kitchin

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The Magic of All Hallows Eve

Have you ever played the game where you try to guess how many of a certain item are in a jar? How many gum balls or how many rubber bands, for example? It seemed impossible, didn’t it? When you’re young you always feel like you haven’t got a chance to get it right. The probabilities seem so low that it’s hardly worth attempting such a great feat. After all, how are you supposed to know how many gum balls are in the jar without taking them out and counting each one carefully? It’s almost not worth it to guess.

One Halloween, I did attempt this. It was so magical that I don’t even remember the rest of the night. I don’t remember what I went as or who anyone else was – except that my friend’s little brother went as Elvis Presley and did an excellent impression of him. What I do remember, though, is sitting in front of a medium-sized jar of candy corn and trying to guess how many there were in the jar. The person who guessed the closest to the correct number of pieces got to take the jar home.

I, of course, wasn’t interested in the candy, but simply the glory of being the winner. I wanted to be known by my friends as intelligent and capable of such an impossible feat, even though, at the time, I didn’t really believe myself capable of accomplishing it. At the end of the night, when the winner was announced – all of us anxiously huddled together on the couch in our costumes – and my name was called, I could hardly believe it.

The magic of that Halloween and how I won the jar of candy corn will never happen again, but it will never be forgotten either. That’s the magic of Halloween in itself. You get to be someone else for a night, and sometimes – on very special, rare occasions – you get to accomplish things you never thought possible. So in the process of telling scary ghost stories and going on hay rides through the woods on some farm and being scared out of your pants, you just might find that Christmas and Halloween have something in common: the magic.



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